• When: 012821
  • QIC: Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Sir Topham Hat, TNT, Box Wine, Hostel, Bellhop, Moose, Lumbergh, Soccer Mom, Milkman (R), Whitney, Laettner, Fool's Gold, Buddy Love, Darla, Arrears, Stagecoach (R)

Ligh pole touching


16 pax defied the fartsack today in hopes of getting closer to 13 posts for January #PointPonies.  13 posts and reading  a book (aka The Bellhop Bourbon Challenge) gets you a coveted invite for a Bourbon Tasting – or maybe it was just Busch Light – at Social Grill.  Or was it Ray’s Place?  Anyway,  it was only post 11 for YHC; but a handful of Depot men have hit the magic numbers and posted 13 or more times this month. #TClaps

One Minute Warning


11 SSH

10 TTT

11 Imperial Walkers

10 Calf Raises

Grab a block and mosey to the big field 

The Thang

YHC realizes we have runners and non-runners in F3.  YHC also realizes all runners used to be non-runners at some point – they just needed a nudge.  With that in mind – and to let the pax choose their preference – today we had two options.  Both options had the same exercises but were done in different fashion.

Running Version:

Start at Light Pole 1. You know what’s coming  – pole touching  #LumberghSpecial


21 Overhead Press w/block and  run to  Pole 2: 21 BBSU and return to Pole 1.

21 Overhead Press w/block again and  run past Pole 2 to Pole 3: 21 merkins and return to Pole 1  (note: you don’t stop on way back until Pole 1)

21 Overhead Press w/block again and run past poles 2, 3 to Pole 4 for 21 LBCs and return to Pole 1.

21 Overhead Press w/blocks again and run….to Pole 5 for 21 plankjacks. Back to Pole 1

21 Overhead Press w/blocks again and run….to Pole 6 for 21 American Hammers. Back to Pole 1

Non-running version

Start at Pole 1 and perform all exercises before running across the field to Pole 6.  Rinse and Repeat

21 Overhead Press


21 Overhead Press

21 Merkins

21 Overhead Press

21 LBCs

21 Overhead Press

21 Plankjacks

21 Overhead Press

21 American Hammers

21 Overhead Press

21 Burpees (SURPRISE!!) You didn’t think you could skip all the running for nothing, did you?

Waitin on 6 – pax performed non-runner workout and then YHC stopped and called for 20 Curls for the Girls IC

Return blocks and circle up


Laettner:   10 GOOD Iron Crosses OYO

Hostel: 10 Rosalitas IC

Moose: 10 Hello Dollys IC

Buddy Love:  5 Burpees OYO #CrowdPleaser

Fool’s Gold: 20 Freddie Mercurys

Moleskin:  YHC realized when I was placing “cue cards” at each light pole this morning that the field was a little moist. “Moisty-er” than I had planned.  Arriving at 5am did allow me some time to modify, but since backblast was written – we stuck to the plan.  TClaps to the runners who slopped through the course today.  YHC noticed a few pax (Soccer Mom, Bellhop, TNT) doing extra work at each pole on the way back from Pole 6.

Prayer Requests and Announcements:

Tyler Hook – worked on Bellhop’s Senate campaign. Laettner’s fraternity brother.  Killed in single car crash. Just finished George Washington

Cottonmouth:  Sign up $10 – this is always a good morning spent in the woods

Nantan posting at Depot Saturday

Bellhop Bourbon Challenge:  13 posts and a book in January qualifies.  Thursday, February 4th, Social Grille 5:30pm

Biscuit Ruck 5:15 tomorrow (Hardees Ballentine) – see Bellhop

Midlands Combine:  May 1st, Fundraiser for Transitions (see Darla)

Devo:  The Prayer of Jabez

“Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.”

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