• When: 2019-09-27
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Pepto, Ryan’s, Panhandle, A1A, Bonsai, Casio, Cheddar, Double Fault, Steel Toe, Lapdog, FN3, Watergate, Lumbergh, Crab Cake, Pothole, Pennystock, Booster

Froccer at Clash

  1. Great day at Riverland Hills. Still humid but we only have 3 more months until we get a 2 week break from the humidity.

Your top 5 moments:

  1. Great to have Panhandle from F3 Cherokee with us this morning. Quality dude who came out ready to play. Apparently “The League” in F3 Cherokee is a similar AO to F3 Clash. Really cool to see all the different ways F3 can mold and shift to create something for everyone to get involved.
  2. The sidearm frisbee throw that Crab Cake possesses is a mix between a Dennis Eckersley pitch and a Pete Sampras forehand. Definitely beautiful to watch. Sad that crab cake is probably too young to know who Eck is. Heck, prolly too young for Sampras too. 
  3. After checking the Clash record books, today set the record for most distance that the frisbee rolled following an errant shot on goal. Total distance was estimated at 438ft with an average spin rate of 2096 RPMs. #sabermetrics
  4. FN3 <welcome> with the save of the day. Sprawling like a spider monkey, his futbol goalie skills were on full display. If I knew a famous goalie then I would have compared him to him, but I’ve never watched a professional soccer game, so instead I will say he dominated like the goalie from The Big Green with curly red hair.
  5. There was a 7 minute stretch where Lapdog was the only member of the black team who was actually in play. And he scored 3 goals during that time. We just watched from the sideline while he defended, passed it to himself, and scored goals with zero assistance from any of us. Kinda like the self-checkout at the grocery store. Lapdog (shopper) did all the work while us (the cashiers that just stand there) just stood there and watched Lapdog.

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