• When: 08/09/14
  • QIC: Toe Ring
  • The PAX: Bulldog - Knozit - Bounced Check - John Boy - Shank - Band Camp - Tumbler - Ranger - Blindside - Clipboard - Pot Luck - Richter - No Help - Bullwinkle - Weekend Special - Splat - Yanni - Harp - Carrot Top - Wiggles - Breakfast Club - Cream Cheese

Exercising Dance Moves

You vs You: 24 Pax got together for a non-stop workout routine that included some sweet dance moves.  If you want further information on how to perform the “Carrot Top Crunk”, please refer to the DVD Special entitled “Cuttin’ a Rug with Mr. Wiggles”.

Intro – Disclaimer – Just like your faith is tested at time, today I want you to test you fitness level: You vs You – Romans 5: 3-4 Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance produces character; and character produces hope.

Conditions:  70 degrees with a little rain

The Thang:

Little Arm Circles IC x 8 (IC x 8)  –  SSH IC x 7  –  Thru the Tunnel IC x 7

Windmill IC x 10  –  Merkin IC x 7  –  Fly Jacks IC x 10  –  Imperial Walker IC x 10  –  LBC IC x 12

Run to practice field & grab bricks:

IC Brick Workout immediately followed by 2 rounds of 20 seconds active 10 second rest

Squats w/ Shoulder Press IC x 10  –  toe touch crunch 20/10-20/10

Bridge Chest Press IC x 15  –  Bridge Butterfly IC x 10  –  squat jumps 20/10-20/10

Forward Lunge w/ curls IC x 20  –  high plank to low plank 20/10-20/10

Reverse Fly IC x 10  –  squat jacks 20/10-20/10

Calf Raises w/ Lateral Shoulder Raise IC x 10  –  oblique crunches 20/10-20/10

Tri Extensions IC x 10  –  flutter kicks 20/10-20/10

Side Lunges w/ front shoulder raise IC x 20  –  traveling merkin 20/10-20/10

Curls IC x 20  –  plank touchdowns 20/10-20/10

Run to top of cemetary hil for HIIT:  30 seconds active 10 second rest

Tri Dips on Wall  –  Wall Merkin w/ claps  –  High Knees  –  Flutter Kicks  –  Fly Jacks

Run back to field for HIIT:

Knee Tuck w/ Twist  –  Criss Cross Squats (aka Carrot Top Crunk)

Up & Out Jacks  –  Flutter Kick Squats (aka The Wiggles Dance)

1 minute active in 15 second intervals

Regular Burpee  –  Lateral Burpee  –  Wide Burpee  –  Slow Burpee

Mozey to the starting point – 20 Merkins for Ranger


F3 Golf Tournament September 14th

A F3 fantasy football league was suggested which was rejected by 100% of the PAX.  Either they were too tired to comment, didn’t know what it was, or were involved in dozens of other leagues already.  Kudos to Bulldog for trying.

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