• When: 2018-05-22
  • QIC: Soft Toss
  • The PAX: Johnny/FNG/Cobra Kai, EZ, Neckbrace, Phonebooth, Laettner, Hostile, Turkey Burger, Bumblebee, Sir Topham Hat, Nutmeg, Box Wine, Moose...Knuckle, Fool's Gold, Blart, Devito, Chubbs, Stagecoach (vote June 12), Kitty Litter (respect), Arrears, Pothole

Bearmuda Triangle & Team Building

Conditions:  70 and some would say humid



***screeching brakes***



LAC X 10 IC reverse X 10


  1. The Block Brigade  – count off one and two-sies and form two lines at the top of the parking lot hill. Each line has one block.  One PAX hands block to person in front and the person without the block sprints to the end of the line and so on and so on to the bottom of the hill.  After two reps the PAX was apologizing to the FNG for not offering a real workout until Thursday, the Q was berated for a “team building exercise” among other insults…YHC was in a near panic and decided that the PAX standing and waiting should squat until it was their turn to grab the block and/or run and once we hit the bottom of the hill, we ran backwards up the hill along with the squats to the top.  The PAX began to stretch out the lines much further in order to get it over with sooner; YHC was glad for it as the block brigade was an epic fail.  I don’t think that will reappear any time soon.
  2. Mosey to the handball fields where there are three cones setup in triangle fashion.  The PAX was instructed to bear crawl to cone #1 and perform 1 burpee, bear crawl to cone #2 and perform 2 burpees, and bear crawl to cone #3 and guess what?…3 burpees…Rinse and repeat AAAAND Rinse and repeat.  It has become very apparent with the rise in popularity of the bear crawl in the last several workouts that it really pays to be upwind from the PAX during bear crawls…I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.  This video from youtube.com will pretty much tell you how the PAX felt before, during and at the completion of this event…the PAX (bears) were looking to scratch an itch because YHC offered up the lame Block Brigade…well be careful what you wish for they say because like the bear in this video, the PAX was hit in the juevos and ended up rolling in the dirt…in pain.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qtYiptCEKY
  3. The wrap up to the Q was just plain, simple and downright disrespectful; it went like this:  go to the playground area, do pull-ups to failure and run to the furthest cone in the bearmuda triangle, return to the playground, do 30 squats and run to the cone and back to the playground and do 20 merkins.  This was an AMRAP format so this was performed until….Mary Time


YHC begain with LBC, then dealer’s choice went close to this…flutter kicks, hello dolly’s, Air Force pushups, russian twists, boat canoes, and likely a couple other things…YHC was done!


YHC thanked the PAX for great turnout last week for Thirsty Thursday which is happening every third Thursday of each month.  YHC also apologized to the PAX for his verbal assault on Neckbrace.  Neckbrace called out the YHC for slacking during the 2nd round of the Bearmuda Triangle, YHC cussed at him and then YHC proceeded to not slack off for round 3.  With that being said, I needed to be called out to make me better…and I apologized for what I call “exercise turrets” (when my heart rate is at a certain point, I  tend to lose control of what I have coming out of my mouth)

Prayer Requests:  

Phonebooth didn’t know the details but read about a F3 PAX from Fort Mill, SC, 39 years old with a family…after a quick search,  see our fellow PAX was Badger.  All the area AO’s had a convergence and asked all to wear red in remembrance.

FNG/Cobra Kai asked for prayers for his 1 and 2 year old (and himself) as his M is starting a new assigment in El Paso, TX (tough commute)


Johnny is born and raised in Chapin, graduated from The Citadel in 2001, professional soccer for 5 years, college soccer coach at Univ of Colorado for past 8 years, now assistant men’s coach at USC and a single dad to two kids for the next year.  *disclaimer* this was a horrible name-o-rama.  Here’s what was let out…Johnny->Body Bag->Sensei->Wax on->Daniel-son->Wombat->Cobra Kai and then out of no where came “Britton”…YHC agreed on Britton but after a post name-o-rama it was considered to be poor form and perhaps a form of bullying a political candidate that we reverted back to Cobra Kai…So Welcome to Depot, Cobra Kai



This is my 1 year anniversary or pretty close to it and like my Q today, my year with F3 has been up and down.  From boot camps, handball, flag football, convergences, cotton mouth, random rucks and the P200, I’ll give myself a solid B for “being there” for the most part.  Stagecoach had me in a strong emotional head lock for a quite a while and I just blew him off time and time again until he stopped which was understandable then out of the blue a year later I asked him the details and I showed up…for a workout…which was The Murph!  Stagecoach actually suggested I might want to reconsider a Thursday start because of what The Murph is.  I showed up anyway because I had made my mind up I was going to go.  It didn’t disappoint.  I think I can honestly say that I may have missed no more than 4 Depot Tue/Thu boot camps and even attended AO in Garden City while on vacation.  I am honored to be a part of this mix of men in gloom and I have a long hill to climb to get where I want to be.  I, perhaps, overshare with you guys at times (especially if you are downwind during a bear crawl) but this is what F3 is about.  This is our space as men where we can make each other better as men, husbands, siblings, parents, workers, etc.  Thank you, #menofdepot for helping me improve myself.  #ISI #KGP #UTP #AOQb #preakness #tickbitetaper …I could go on for days…Thanks again!   – Soft….Toss