• When: 2020-08-28
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Olive Oil, Steel Toe, Bonsai, Rebar, Floppy Disk, Casio, Pennystock, Lumbergh, Pebbles, Puppy Love, JDee, Okrastrut, Booster

A few veterans return for frisbee audible

With some of our most emphatic futbol enthusiasts DR, YHC took the Q and lobbied the PAX to audible to frisbee by guaranteeing a backblast by noon (PST)- current time is 11:57am PST. Frisbee brought a few veterans back to the pristine grass at RHBC, which may rival the pellet palace of RBHS for best surface for epic frisbee battles in the Midlands. 13 total PAX played today, and with Pinot DR nobody really knows the score, but it is believed that the non-jersey team won by 2 scores, but we deemed everyone a winner because that seemed like the right thing to do.

Top 5 things that happen at clash:

  1. Veterans making an impact…. Floppy Disk, Lumbergh, Casio, and Pebbles posted for frisbee for the first time maybe in 2020? Not sure. Update on their lives. Floppy Disk got a new truck and scored a bunch of touchdowns. Lumbergh still sporting the sweet bandanna and the Midlands most realistic frisbee pump fake. Casio is still a Clemson fan, and even with that weighing him down he still has the most fierce forearm throw among the Clashians.  Pebbles admitted to not being as fleet of feet with a few extra pounds since the last time he played UF and also that his burps have been smelling like Robitussin lately. Dm Pebbles if you want more information on his specific and unique condition.
  2. Unforced errors were the name of the game today for both teams… most of the drops for our team was Bonsai’s fault for putting the frisbee too perfectly into the hands of Booster and Olive Oil.
  3. After a few tough drops, JDee ran one down from distance for the sweet redemption catch over near the fire station… only 25 feet out of bounds. Such a thing of beauty but counted the same as one of those drops bud.
  4.  In maybe the first ever non-posting PAX to be mentioned in a Clash backblast, Shag extended his streak of HCing the night before only to no-show the day of to three weeks in a row. Next week is the week, I can feel it.
  5. Bonsai is still in search of some male frisbee players for his coed team on Saturday afternoons. So if you are single and in search of a frisbee playing woman, DM Bonsai on this specific and unique opportunity.

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