• When: 2019-10-10
  • QIC: Enos
  • The PAX: Smokey, Stones, Socrates, The Don, Lock Box, Convoy, Hall Pass, Wild Blue, YHC

6 Years In The Gloom

9 pax posted in near perfect conditions for what they thought would be a run heavy workout, YHC did not disappoint.  Several pax saw YHC looking at his phone and then realized YHC had actually planned something for today, not just winging it and therefore had a Wienke.

6 years ago YHC was going through a transitional time in life.  My beloved K-9 partner Ben had retired after awesome 5 year run.  I left for work everyday feeling empty, my best friend and confident was literally no longer right behind me.  I needed something to look forward to everyday since work had become mundane.  I was volunteering for the Marine Corps League at the Marine Corps Mud Run in Sandy Run when I kept seeing all of the men with F3 gear on, they just kept coming.  I finally asked one of the guys “what is this group” and they told me about it briefly and said check out the website.  A few days later I showed up at Seven Oaks Park where I was put through the ringer by Major Pain including overhead claps that would not stop.  Once I realized Major Pain was in the full time Army National Guard, I knew I had to come back because a Solider can not wear out an old Marine.  That one boot camp, led me to Swagger, where I was dead last aka the 6 as we ran, more like sprinted to the old Bi Lo at Broad River and back.  I was told they ran that far, I made it about half way before Major Pain picked up the 6 and I crawled back to Swagger.  In the past 6 years many things have changed, some bad, but many many more good.  I have completed CSAUP after CSAUP and continually look for the next one, which ironically is the Army Ten Miler with Major Pain.  I have made many great friends that I would not have met had I not asked “what is this group”.   I have enjoyed the highs and lows that we as a group have gone through and am looking forward the coming years.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of this GREAT group of men.


59 degrees, 91% humidity, with a light 3 mph wind from the north (thanks to the Weather app)

The Thang

Slowsy around the main building & circle up




Windmill X 10 IC

LBAC X 10 each direction IC

Squats X 19 IC

Count of by 2’s

1 pax from each set pick up block & slowsy to football field

1 pax runs goal line to goal line while the other performs the exercise Merkins 100/team Curls 200/team Squats with blocks 300/team

Around the field

1 pax performs the exercise while the other runs the length of the sideline or end zone & back.

Big boy setups – length of sideline & back Burpees – length of end zone & back Chest press with blocks – length of sideline & back Bonnie Blair’s or block swings – length of end zone & back

Mosey back to the parking lot, up the hill, for cot.

Thanks for the encouragement and support over the past 6 years.


10/26/19 – Go Leo Go run at Saluda Shoals Park – https://www.f3midlands.com/columbia-sc/go-leo-go-2019

11/25/19 – Sleigh Bell Stroll at Saluda Shoals Park for the ruckers/walkers – info to come

11/26/19 – Sleigh Bell Trot at Saluda Shoals Park – info to come

Prayer Request –

Smokey’s friend

Lock Box

Fiji & his M

All pax traveling this weekend.