• When: 2019-11-19
  • QIC: Teddy
  • The PAX: Ash, Chewy, Silver Bullet, Odyssey, Pipeline, Bloodwork, Birthday Suit & Pondo

Working on the Spare Tires at Woodshed

Conditions – a mild and misty morning at the ‘Shed

Intro and Disclaimer

The Thang:

Warm up:

Sidestraddle Hops, in cadence, x 20; Imperial Walkers, in cadence, x20; Little Baby Arm Circles, in cadence, 10 forward & 10 back; Overhead Claps, in cadence, x 10; Raise the Roof, in cadence, x 10; Windmills, in cadence, x20; Squats, OYO, x 20.

Slow Mosey to the upper fields where we happened upon 3 big tires and 3 stacks of smaller tires.  Divided into 3 groups of 3 pax each to take advantage of this happy circumstance.  Each group of three rotated through 5 evolutions of three exercises:

First Evolution

Pop Squats on the Big Tire x 20 (stand in the middle of big tire – squat then explode up and land with both feet on the tire – squat and jump back down into the middle of the tire – this is one rep); Decline Merkins on the tire stack x 20; LBCs x 20

Second Evolution

Back & Forth Tire Flip on the big tire x 8 (hop in, hop out, turn & flip the tire – hop in, hop out, turn and flip it back – this is one rep);  Step ups on the tire stack x 20; flutter kicks x 20

Third Evolution

Partner Tire Pushes on the Big Tire x 20; Decline Merkins x 20

Fourth Evolution

Tire Flips on the Big Tire for 25 yards and sprint back; Tricep Dips on the tire stack x 20; LBCs x20

Big Tires ended up DR and winning team of three flipped them back!

Fifth Evolution

Lateral Jump Burpees on the big tire x 5 (hop sideways into the tire, hop sideways out the other side, do a burpee, then hop back the other way and do another burpee – that’s 1 rep); Decline Merkins on the tire stack x 20; Flutter kicks x 20

Circle up for 20 x Russian Twist in cadence

put tires away, then headed back to the flag, jogging the short sides of the field and sprinting the long side.  Jail Break the last 50 yards to the flag.

Announcements – Woodshed contributed 316 boxes of mac n cheese to the OGM Thanksgiving drive – thanks to all pax for their contributions and especially to Silver Bullet, who bought the bulk of it and delivered it all this morning!  Opportunity to volunteer this Saturday morning at Trenholm Rd United Methodist Church –  6000 tulip bulbs need to be planted – put the work in now and enjoy the benefits at Easter!

Prayers for Pondo’s (M’s) grandmother

BOM / Prayer