• When: 9/24/15
  • QIC: Stretch
  • The PAX: Stretch, Copay, Minion, Twinkle Toes, Shadetree

Virgin Q at Legion

Wingback asked me a week ago if I would Q this Thursday for him, so naturally I said yes. I love the pax members at Legion, they are awesome and man they are in good shape. I actually like the hour long workout and would do it more often but I have a hard time waking up before 4:45 (which is what time I get up now). My quiet and prayer time takes precedent and at this time my body doesn’t like waking up at 4:30 or earlier (it just sounds so freaking early as I read it typed out). In the end these are all excuses I know. But I really did enjoy being able to Q and liked that I could do things with a smaller group that I can’t do over at Woodshed (just as there are things we can do at Woodshed that are difficult to do with smaller groups). Enough random mumbling, here is the backlist and I hope it is accurate but as always apologize if I left something out.

The condition: 60’s

The Thang:
All 15 reps at 4 count
LAC fwd
Overhead claps
LAC bwd
Shoulder press
Lunge in place each leg

R field fence
One pax sprints around the entire field while the rest hold peoples chair, as soon as first pax gets back the next goes and so on until everyone has run.

One pax sprints from R field to home plate and back while the rest hold balls to the wall, as soon as first pax gets back the next goes and so on until everyone has run.

Mozy to the bottom of the hill back the baseball field (have KB’s and bands)
– Round 1 and 2 consisted of one person pulling 60lbs of KB using thick green band up the hill and then back down while remaining pax perform an exercise of choice until the pax returns. Once the pax returns the next in line goes until everyone has performed the “sled” pull twice (hence round 1 and 2).
– Round 3 was the same thing except this time walking backwards up the hill pulling the KB’s and forwards coming down. – – Round 4 was a partner wheel barrow to the top of the hill and mozy back down.
– Round 5 was using the thick fitness bands and doing “waddles” about 15 yards and back.
– The exercises performed while a pax member was completing each round were the following: merkins (done twice), carolina dry docks, flutter kicks, LBC’s, hello dolly, WME, low planks, side low planks, static lunge w/each leg, tuck jumps, calf raises, burpees, shoulder press, overhead claps, chaser LBC’s, boat canoe (10 second hold, then 9, 8, and so on).

Mozy to the play ground
Starting with 5 reps and then working down to 1 the following was performed
– curls
– reverse crunches
– dips
– pullups

Mozy back to COT
– Mud run sign-ups have been extended
– Gritiron Monday’s at 5:30 at the Woodshed
– Thursday lunch at Salsaritas in the Vista at 12
– Tuesday night mens group Life’s Worth Living series at 6pm at Eastminster
– P200 signups


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