• When: 2017-12-14
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Garnish, BooBoo, TomTom, BillyBob, McNugget, ChopShop, Pinkman, Duckie, Blowout, RA

Thursday Pain Stations at Hammer

This one might be a keeper. Another tough and rewarding morning at Hammer. Here’s what happened:

Conditions: 37, dry

Warmup: 10-5 Countdown of Merkins and Imperial Walkers

Run to Station 1 at playground:

3 Wide Arm Pull-ups, 3 Underhand Pull-ups, 3 Overhand Close Grip Pull-ups



Run to Station 2 at Basketball Court:

20 SL Sit-ups, 20 Reverse Crunches, 20 Heel Tap Crunches


Run to Station 3 at bottom of Landrum Hill:

25 Merkins, 25 Dry Docks, 10 2ct Dive Bombers Merkins

AFAP Run up Landrum Hill


Run to Station 4 at COT:

15 Catcher Squats, 10 RA Lunges each leg

Repeat until 6:45 as a group, Pax completed 3 Laps and 12 total stations (2.1mi total)

That one hurt good.

COT/BOM: Prayers for a friend of ChopShop


-This workout would be great for an AMRAP if someone wanted to, but at times keeping the group together can result in better quality work overall for everyone. Of course, YHC loves a good AMRAP but we all know there are times when a man can give up on himself more quickly on his own. AMRAPs are great if everyone pushes. But, if a man is struggling to persevere it’s more important to help him push than to leave him behind. So in the case of this morning, forcing the group to stay together (other than the hill sprints) resulted in the workout being better for everyone overall – which is the point to begin with. Nothing wrong with putting out an AMRAP and having everyone go “at their own pace” but the truth is not everyone will consistently work up to their own potential within that format. That’s why the Pax is greater than the individual.


  • See you in a few hours at the Christmas Party