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This one’s for NOONAN!

The rain had all but stopped and 8 PAX posted for a snotwoggling event…BATTLE!  This week featured YHC and Hustler on the Q sheet.  YHC was going to take the 1st 30 minutes.  Two ideas came to mind but the one that intrigued me the most, I couldn’t put it together to work the way I wanted to so we adjusted.  Here’s the THANG!

Conditions:  40 and very overcast.  Slight mist

YHC began by running to the school covered entrance.  Circle up.

12  SSH  IC

12  Burpees  OYO

10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

Run to the BATTLE LOOP Pad.  2 PAX grab a concrete cylinder and place one at each of the pull up bars.

Each PAX will perform 7 Squat Thrust Burpee Pull ups.  The other PAX will run the BATTLE LOOP until the pull up bars are open.  3 Laps were completed.

Plank for 1:30 seconds.

For the final 5 minutes we had to round off the burpees and since we’d done 49…we had to do 51 for an even 100.  Since we’re near the pull up bars, and it’s BATTLE, let’s do the same number of pull ups or AMRAP until time is called.  So, 51 burpees and 51 pull ups to complete the first 30 minutes.

HUSTLER takes over and immediately heads for the opposite side of campus to the football field.  Now it’s HUSTLER SQUATS, HUSTLER MERKIN PYRAMID, and HUSTLER BURPEE SUISIDES.  Let me explain in detail how much this sucked!


1  Monkey Humper     4 Squats

2 Monkey Humpers    8 Squats

3 Monkey Humpers    12 Squats…All the way to 10 and 40!


1 Merkin     4 Military Press

2 Merkins    8 Military Press…you see where this is going.  HOWEVER, he threw a wrench in it…why you may ask, because it’s BATTLE and that’s what you do.

Since this is a PYRAMID, we went all the way to 10 merkins and 40 Military Press.  Then we went back down to 1.  SUCKFEST!!!!!!!!

To finish this half of the workout off, Hustler felt like we needed a little more running and burpees.

Start at the goal line and perform a burpee suicide.

Run to the 10 perform 1 burpee.  Backwards run back to the goal line.

Run to the 20 perform 2 burpees.  Backwards run back to the goal line.

Run to the 30 perform 3 burpees.  Backwards run back to the goal line.

So on and so forth until you’ve done the entire field.  Oh by the way, the opposite 40, 30, 20, 10 and goal line were 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.  He didn’t let anyone slide back down that ladder.  Exhaustion has fully set in.

BOM:  Hustler


  • Prayers for our Chicago F3 Naperville brother NOONAN who unexpectedly passed away Friday evening on a solo run.  Praying for his M and 3 2.0’s.
  • Teams are still looking for PAX for the following upcoming races:
    •  2-8-2020    Hartsville has a CSAUP “THE FOX”
    •  2-15-2020  Lexington has the DAM to DAM relay.  Lake Murray to Lake Greenwood.  Great warm up for P-200 or Ville to Ville or Smoky Mountain Relay.
    •  2-29-2020  Lake Murray has a CSAUP “THE COTTONMOUTH 2.0”
    • 3-27 and 3-28-2020  Palmetto 200 Relay.  (Columbia to Charleston)
    • 4-18-2020  Ville To Ville Relay.  (Asheville to Greenville)
    • 4-24 and 4-25-2020   Smokey Mountain Relay.  Run through the hills of the Smoky Mountains.

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