• When: 2018-11-29
  • QIC: Dealer's Choice
  • The PAX: Wally, Stretch, Deville, Cabana Boy, Boo Boo, Zima, Misfire, Flo, Pinkman, Chopshop, Detour, Garnish, Apple

The Cold Hammer of Pain

Was just a tad chilly out but 13 PAX said no to the fartsack and posted for some dealer’s choice Hammer fun.

Conditions: 30something and clear

The Thang


YHC took the first segment and called for 25 SSH IC.  Next up was 50 Mercans, and was going to call for 25 squats, but the PAX wanted to keep it even so we bumped it to 50 as well.  Air chair while we waited for the six.

Misfire: 50 stretch ups, run to top of Briarfield hill, 25 mercans at the top, 25 squats in the valley, 25 stretch ups at the opposite side followed by 25 mercans, 25 squats in the valley, and 25 stretch ups back at the top of Briarfield.

Stretch: Ran to bus loop, 2 groups, each group did 15 squat jumps and 15 monkey humpers, run to opposite end and repeat, run to beginning and winner had 15 burpees, losers had 24.

Garnish: Run to Shannon springs bottom of the hill.  Jacobs ladder with 5 burpees at the street sign down to 3 with a run to the bottom of hill in between.  Back to Satchelford when finished to plank.

Apple: Mosey to the school wall, 20 flutterkicks, wall sit, 15 carolina dry docks IC, wall sit.

Deville: 20 “no means no” knee ups, duck walk back to Satchelford rd, 15 SSH IC

Flo: Indian run back to Briarfield via the bus loop.

Pinkman: 20 big boy situps



-F3 Holiday party coming up on the 14th from 6-9 pm.  Leave yo kids at home with a sitter.

– Grab one of them raffle tickets for $20 for the F3 Haiti trip