• When: 2019-05-03
  • QIC: High Stick
  • The PAX: Lambchop, Wannabee, Grilz, Freebird,Wham, Turncoat, Quaker, Selfie, Special K, Kamakazi, Hugo, Turnpike, Highstick

The Castle Derby


SSH, slow/fast merks, tunnel, calf/quad stretch, baby arm circles, overhead clap,Imp walkers, burpees 


Derby workout—1.25m loop, 6 stations, 3 exercises per

Totals—80 merks, 15  burpees, 30 Caro drydocks, 20 big boys, 120 lunges, 120 squats, 300 LBC


“Home Stretch” run to the circle 


Finished w/ Hello Dolly’s, Russian Twists, Scissor holds, Superman