• When: 2018-01-30
  • QIC: Daddy WarBucs (newly to 47)
  • The PAX: Ikea, Ramjack, Tweetsie, Speedbump, DaVinci

Six at Sawmill for DWB Birthday+1 Q

6 non-fartsackers and non-boxmakers made the morning gloom at Sawmill for last bootcamp of January.

Warm-up: Mosey around the Rec Center grabbing a couple bricks along the way.  Through the tunnel (17), baby arm circles (17 forward, 17 backward) and squats.

The Thang:  Two groups of three:  Triple check (1 circuit – wall sit with bricks, plank, mosey to tree line), Outlaws (10 clockwise, 10 counter-clockwise), Lt. Dan’s (to tree line and mosey back), Dodo Bird (3 circuits, each pax takes turn counting).  Next:  return bricks and mosey to tennis courts.  Suicides: 1st – 4 merkins – mosey to end of first court – 7 squats – mosey back – 4 merkins – mosey to second court – 7 squats – mosey back – 4 merkins – mosey to end of 2nd court – 7 squats – mosey back.  2nd (same as first but with lunge walk instead of mosey).  3rd (same as first but 4 squats then 7 merkins).  Ab circle to finish (tweetsie and speedbump went above a beyond)

Prayers for Cheesesteak and his family in the passing of his Step Mom and safe travels to Philly and back.

Announcements:  Happy Birthday to shuttlecock (in abstentia)