• When: 2017-08-22
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: Nails, Mission, Boris, BigTime, OBC, Neighbor, Spool, RipCord, BallBoy, Sled

Score learns some new tricks

It was another muggy morning to be out in the gloom, but the ten men who showed up for Score gave great effort, and hopefully learned a few new exercises and got better. YHC spent a little time looking through the Lexicon for some new exercises to add to our routine, and the PAX had different thoughts on whether they were keepers or not…

Condition: 75 degrees and humid

The Thang:

Jog to the side of Shandon Methodist Church and circle up:

Side Straddle Hop x22 IC (some fast, some regular – getting heart beat up) – 22 was the count for the day, since it was the 22nd. PAX later said they were glad this was not the 30th of the month.

Boxcutter x22 IC

High Knees x22 IC

Captain Thor – first of the new exercises – do 1 Big Boy Situp and then 4 American Hammers (formerly known as Russian Twist)  x11 OYO

Copperhead Squats – next new exercise for Score – hands behind head, back straight, and go down slowly on first three counts into squat position – x11 IC

Big Boy Situps x22 OYO (this became a popular theme)

Leave Shandon and mosey to Cassina, right on Cassina, and stop at Albion, and circle up. Next new exercise, Bear Crawl Ring of Fire was explained: Everyone bear crawls around the circle until YHC said stop. At that point, everyone planks, and the first guy does 10 merkins. YHC then said go, and the Bear Crawl continued until YHC said stop again and the next guy does 10 merkins while everyone planked. This went on until all PAX had a chance to do 10 merkins. (As YHC explained at the beginning, this really sucked).

Big Boy Situps x22 OYO

Everyone then lunge walked to the end of the double yellow line, and then the mailbox run was explained:

There are three mailboxes on the street leading up to Devereaux, so run to each mailbox, and complete 22 plank jacks and 22 LBCs. When you get to the stop sign at Devereaux:

Big Boy Situps x22 OYO, and then plank until all are done.

Jacobs ladder was explained. Starting at the top of the hill:

10 4x4s(another new exercise for us, which involves doing a burpee into the plank position and then 4 mountain climbers, and then complete the burpee for one)

Jog to middle of the hill and do 10 Jump Squats

Jog to bottom of the hill and do 10 Freddie Mercuries

Bernie Sanders (backwards run) back to top of the hill

Rinse and repeat with 7 and 5 reps

Reverse mailbox run, again doing 22 plank jacks and 22 LBCs at each mailbox.

When get back to stop sign, Big Boy Situps x22 OYO, and then plank until all are done.

Jog back to Brickpile and circle up for one last COP:

Side Straddle Hop x 22 IC, some fast and some regular

Flutters x22 IC, some regular and some slow

Overhead clap x22 IC

COT: With Brickpile guys. Great work by all.