• When: 01/22/16
  • QIC: Improv
  • The PAX: Beacon (XL), Skirt (XL), Loveseat (XL), Odyssey (XL), Kenny G, Silver Bullet, Pipeline

Raining, Windy, and Cold…Perfect Conditions for a #DRP

8 Pax posted in the gloom at #Stumble and #GotFaster.  The weather was brutal, just brutal, but the Pax rose, 6 Pax at 0445 for #StumbleXL then we dropped one and added two, for 7 Pax at 0515 for #Stumble.  In preparing for the morning, YHC reached out to our distinguished AOQ, Beacon, who suggested we do a LSD of about 8 MIs +/- at no more than a 8:30 pace.  YHC was proud of the #workdone by the Pax this morning putting in 8.1 MIs at a 8:26 pace.

Conditions: 36 Degrees, Raining, Windy, and Brutal!



  • Leave the AO and left on Olde Knight
  • Right on Chambly to Queens Way
  • Left on Queens Way to Old Woodlands
  • Right on Old Woodlands to Indian Mound
  • Left on Indian Mound to Marthas Glen
  • Straight on Marthas Glen to Old Woodlands
  • Right on Old Woodlands to Saye Cut
  • Left on Saye Cut to Galway
  • Left on Galway to Olde Knight
  • Left on Olde Knight to the AO


  • Leave the AO and left on Olde Knight
  • Right on Old Woodlands to Garners Ferry
  • Left on Garners Ferry to Pelham
  • Left on Pelham to Gills Creek
  • Straight on Gills Creek to Rosewood
  • Right on Rosewood to Garners Ferry
  • Right on Garners Ferry to Munsen Springs
  • Left on Munsen Springs to Landon
  • Right on Landon to Brandon
  • Right on Brandon to Garners Ferry
  • Left on Garners Ferrys to the VA entrance
  • Right into the VA and through the property
  • Exit the VA to Byron
  • Right on Byron to Wormwood
  • Right on Wormwood to Olde Knight
  • Right on Olde Knight to the AO



  • The Cottonmouth: Tomorrow (1/23) launches at 0500 from Seven Oaks Park.
    It’s ruck friendly, it’s free, guaranteed good times, why not? See pre-blast for more details.
  • 3/5/16 – F3 Nation 5th Year Anniversary Party (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DYNLWT3)
  • HDHH – 5:15 PM Wednesday at Henry’s
  • Lunch – 12:00 PM Thursday at The War Mouth (1209 Franklin St.)

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