• When: 03/30/17
  • QIC: McLovin
  • The PAX: Logo, Adrian, Hustler, Heartbreaker, Two Buck, Nap, Dusty, Roscoe, JB, Pink Eye, Bluegrass, Windmill (#Respect), Chessy, TNT, McLovin

One Shining Moment at The Brickpile

14 PAX emerged from the #Fartsack on grand Spring morning in search of a way to #GetBetter. With the Gamecocks in the Final Four (yes, you read that correctly) and F3 Nation getting love on the Today show (yes, you read that correctly also), spirits were sky high at the birthplace of F3 Columbia. Arriving at the #Mothership this morning was YHC, who in the midst of recovering from the P200, came ready to offer up his services to the PAX but with a little less running. It was an honor to lead these former #SadClowns this morning as they each were ready willing and able to #PushTheRock.

Conditions – 62 and partly cloudy (Perfect Burpee Weather)


The Thang:

Quick mosey to lower field near front parking lot for COP

SSH x 20 (IC)
Monkey Humpers x 15 (IC)
Merkins x 10 (IC)
Burpees x 5 (IC)

Quick mosey to upper field near back parking lot for COP

SSH x 20 (IC)
Monkey Humpers x 15 (IC)
Merkins x 10 (IC)
Burpees x 5 (IC)

Quick mosey to Brickpile to grab block, and circle up near goal posts

Block Regional
Bench Press x 16 (IC)
Curls x 16 (IC)
Goblet Squat x 16 (IC)
Shoulder Press x 16 (OYO)

Abdominal Regional
Big Boy Sit Ups x 16 (OYO)
Freddie Mercury x 16 (IC)
V-Ups x 16 (OYO)
LBC x 16 (IC)

Leg Regional
Flutter Kicks x 16 (IC)
Jump Squats x 16 (OYO)
Imperial Walker x 16 (IC)
Squats x 16 (IC)

Merkin Regional – #Crowdpleaser
Slow Fast Merkins x 16 (IC)
Hand Release Merkins x 16 (OYO)
Knerkin x 16 (IC)
Incline Merkins on Blocks x 16 (OYO)

Line Up Shoulder to Shoulder to fellow PAX with backs to parking lot

One Shining Moment

Each PAX puts on 20 pound weight vest and runs to first lamp post and back (total of approximately 50 to 60 yards) while remaining PAX performs a variety of exercises in cadence. Exercises performed included, but not limited to, Six Inches, Al Gore, Flutter Kicks, Squats, Merkins, Decline Merkins, Cusack with Block, Chaser LBCs, Big Boy Sit Ups.

Put up blocks and jailbreak back to front parking lot. SSH until six arrives.

COT/BOM – McLovin


• Honored to have Q at #Brickpile this AM. The Merkin Circuit was a #Crowdpleaser based on the groans herd from the PAX. YHC was himself totally wrecked by the Knerkins in cadence.
• Fair amount of ab and upper body work this AM. Couple that with sprints with a weight vest, and we #PushedTheRock this AM.
• #LarryBirds were not in short supply this morning as Adrian and Dusty did their thing, which, as most know, is finished any circuit quite quick.
• Couple of observations: (1) the #MumbleChatter at the #Brickipile is alive and well and (2) the grass at the #Brickpile is akin to that of a fine golf course. Only the best for the #Redwoods of the #Brickpile.




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