• When: 2017-09-18
  • QIC: Fudd
  • The PAX: Freebird, Wham, Kamikaze, TOY, Turnpike, Turncoat, Clone, Katniss

No (Yellow) Flag at The Castle

Nine men of The Castle came to the Gloom to get this week off to a good start.  Carpe Diem and all.  Yours truly brought along a collegiate football to let the PAX relive glory days but with the proviso all PAX had to help carry it during the workout and if it got fumbled by them, burpees-a-plenty would be the group penalty.   The yellow flag was at the ready if needed.

Apparently Beamer’s ab-heavy Iron-Cross Q last week had left the PAX less than enthusiastic about any ab work, so I called an Omaha for extremity work (extra extreme extremity exercise, extra extreme extremity exercise, extra extreme …..) including a 600- yard running play ala Cal-Stanford 1982.

Conditions:  Clear, 68 degrees, sliver of a moon.

Warm-Up (First Quarter):  25 SSH IC, 20 TTT IC, 25 LBAC-F IC, 25 LBAC-R IC, high and low plank, 25 plank jacks IC.

Tha Thang:  (Second Quarter): Mosey to the T courts for 15 tricep dips IC, 15 elevated merkins IC, 15 wall step-ups IC, cross-court suicides, cross-court lunge walks, cross-court broad jumps, 25 flutter kicks IC, 25 mountain climbers IC, 15 more tricep dips IC, 15 more elevated merkins IC, then a mosey back to the circle.  (Third Quarter): The PAX formed a column, sounded off by number, and we started the fast mosey, with a periodic football toss randomly out into the Gloom for the designated PAX to recover, catch up, and return to the Q.   At the shack we stopped for 40 squats OYO then finished the mosey back to the COT.  Then we lined-up for the field goal attempt – and, it just is not that hard to kick a football 35 yards through a tree opening and into the pool for a score, if it is not pitch dark, everyone had not just gotten smoked running, and Wham had been – well – right-footed instead of left-handed.   The snap and hold were perfect, Wham was clearly thinking about skateboarding as he delivered the kick, low and short.   Same on the retry.   So 10 burpees were done.   (Fourth Quarter):  Blockwork, still with the football for a few of the PAX.  Freebird looked like third-trimester.   15 curls, 15 gobbl(er) squats, 15 overhead presses, rinsed and repeat.  Stored the blocks, a bear crawl and a crab walk for good measure.  Not an ab got twerked.




Moleskin:  So, I spent some time listening to a podcast interview of Dredd (Nantan of the F3 Nation) yesterday and I passed along to the PAX his sage observation.  One-Figure out what you are really good at and go do that.  Side-source out to others whatever they are good at that you are not.  Two- Figure out what problem you are uniquely ‘built for’ and suited to solve while you are on the big round ball, and go solve it.  [Id. at @_WolfandIron  Twitter.]

I never get tired (that is figure of speech, ok?) of spending time in the Gloom with the men of the Castle, they have made me better and for that, I owe them.