• When: 12/04/15
  • QIC: Promo
  • The PAX: Bundy, Turtle, Cesspool, Polo, Huffy, Drive By

Negative Splits = Pain

Every group has its fast guy, its slow guy, it’s hill guy, and its Pace guy. Until his recent disappearance Sketch was always the Pace guy at Ramble. He knew how to stick to his internal clock no matter what the group was doing. YHC on the other hand, is terrible with pacing. So today was a small exercise at getting better with pacing and negative splits.

The Thang:

After a near mutiny at the start because YHC was 10 seconds late due to doing a warm up mile….like I wasn’t going to show, gimme a little credit.

Mossey to corner of King and Wheat

4 x 1 mile laps of Wheat to Queen to Burney to King and back to Wheat.

Object of the exercise was to pick a pace for each mile and leave yourself enough reserves to negative split each following mile.

It sounded easy in theory, but turned out to be harder than expected (at least for YHC). But YHC did manage to accomplish the goal of the exercise with splits of 7:49, 7:36, 7:24, and 7:17. Bundy’s number probably looked about the same (if you replaced the 7s with 5s).

Another good week of Red Pills at Ramble this week…..Stent’s Yasso’s on Monday, Gypsy’s long with hills on Wednesday, and negative splits today. Keep up the good work.


40 with a bit of wind…..even Turtle had a shirt on.


Quick healing for all our sick or injured Ramble Comrades…..SubPrime, Costanza, Gump, OC, etc. Get better and hurry back fellas.


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