• When: 11/21/15
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: OC, Ditto (SawMill - Blythewood), LoveBug, Sway, Gypsy, DriveBy, BetaMax, PaperBoy, KennyG, FullMonte (Roost - Chapin) Huffy, HeeHaw, SisterWife

Montage of Fun at Dawn Strike

14 committed PAX go up early and got better this morning.  DawnStrike continue to grow and we are now drawing PAX from all over the state.  Want to thank Ditto and Full Monto for making the trip into town this morning to workout with the DAWNSTRIKE Boys. If Full Monte keep sowing up he might turn into a regular. Also we were all surprised to see Sway at DawnStrike! He left Irmo and had all the correct paperwork, passport and made it through the check point at the bridge. Sway thanks for gracing us with your presents. What is amazing Ditto, Full Monte and even Sway can travel miles to get to Dawn Strike but Kim Jong cannot get here and he lives less than a mile and a half away.

I hope this workout met everyones needs. We got it going early in the COP then a little weight work and for all the runners we did a relay and finished strong with a montage of exercises.  Thanks for putting up with me this morning.


Mosey to the back Football Field.

25 4ct – Little Baby Arm Circles – Front/Back

50 4ct – SSH

10 4ct – Merkins

10 4ct – Diamond Merkins

10 4ct – Wide Arm Merkins

50 OYO – Big Boy Situps (Shoulders to the ground)

25 4ct – Squats (all the way down)

The Thang:

Mosey over pickup blocks and circle up by the Dip Bars

25 4ct – Curls for the Girls

50 4ct – Brench Press

25 4ct – Shoulder Presses

10 OYO – Dips – Dip Bars

25 4ct – Curls for the Girls

25 4ct – Brench Press

15 4ct – Shoulder Presses

10 OYO – Dips

Put up the Blocks and mosey over to back parking lot.

Pair up with someone – Number 1 runs to 3rd Island and back while number 2 does Merkins until Number 1 gets back. Number 2 runs to 3rd Island while Number 1 does Merkins – Repeat until Team gets to 250 Merkins Total

Repeat doing 250 Squats

Mosey over to the wall

2 min – Peoples Chair

1 min  – Peoples Chair

Mosey to the front of Dreher

We finished strong with Spell Your Last Name then Frist Name if time

Here is the alphabet with the assigned exercise and numer to be completed for each letter of your Last Name.

A – 50 SSH  B – 20 LBC’s  C – 30 Squats  D – 15 Merkins  E – 1 Min Wall Sit  F – 10 Burpees  G – 20 Arm Circles F/B  H – 20 Squats  I – 30 SSH’s  J – 15 LBC’s  K – 10 Merkins  L – 2 Min Wall Sit  M – 20 Burpees  N – 25 Burpees  O – 40 SSH’s  P – 15 Arm Circles F/B  Q – 30 LBC’s  R – 15 Merkins  S – 30 Burpees  T – 15 Squats  U – 30 Arm Circles F/B  V – 3 Min Wall Sit  W – 20 Burpees  X – 60 SSH’s  Y – 10 LBC’s  Z – 20 Merkins

Mosey back to front of Brickpile


I have to say DawnStrike is by far the most fun workout I do. We all work hard but can laugh and have fun too.  This group has become a very consistent group like the Ramble group.  There is something about consistency and being able to get to know people for more than the one hour workout. 12 of us went to Eggs Up after the workout and this shows how close this group has gotten.

Good Luck to Full Monte running the Shadon Turkey Trot after DawnStrike this morning!  Nice double down.


11/22/15 – SC Oryster Festival  11am – 6pm  Hampton Preston Mansion – Should be a good time come on out.

Thanksgiving Day Schedule – 6am & 7am – Come on out and get it done before you get your grub on.

12/15/15 – Columbia F3 Christmas Party – Kings Grant – More details to come

11/24/15 – F3 Night at WIS TV Families Helping Families

BOM – Boris


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