• When: 10/17/15
  • QIC: Silver Bullet (substitute QIC)
  • The PAX: Papercut, Odyssey, Sidesaddle, Fountainhead, Loveseat, Improve, Backhoe

Missing Man Workout

8 made it, Our scheduled QIC didn’t make it, so we put a workout on the fly.

Warm up jog to the front of the school.  Warm-ups: SSH (20), Arm Circles (forward 20, back 20), Imperial Squat Walkers (15).

Find some curb.  20 calf raises, then clockwork merkins with the curb (5 each position).  Jump sideways on curb (10x), then clockwork merkins.  Jump sideways on curb (other direction 10x), then clockwork merkins.  Soccer touches on curb (20), then clockwork merkins.

Amble to brick-pile.  Get blocks.  Circle up nearby.  Curls (20), Squats with bricks (20), Bench press with bricks (20).

Amble to behind school.  Bailing boat-canoe while sitting on blocks.  Squats with blocks (20).

Amble to bottom of the circus.  Partner up.  While one partner carries two blocks (one in each hand), the other partner does an exercise, then sprints and catches up to partner one, switch.  Partner 2: 5 merkins (for 1/2 of the circus).  Switch to Partner 2, 5 Burpies for 1/2 of circus.  Plank rest while those who only did 5 Burpies do 5 more.

Next partner exercise around the circus: Partner 2 does 20 squats then sprints to catch up with Partner 1.  Then 25 LBCs.  Then 10 lunge walks.

Line up blocks for a jumping exercise.  In turn, hop over each block, then sprint to the other end of the circus.  Complete 5 merkins, then sprint back.  Then defense football drill, running side-step backwards through blocks, sprint to the other end of the circus.  Complete 5 squats, then sprint back.

Overhead press with blocks while walking to the back of the school.  Do some exercise with the blocks before putting them up.

7 minutes of Mary: Freddie Mercury, Salsarita, Hello Dolly, 90-45-6″, flutter kick.

Last exercise: 5 merkins–slow 10-count.

Amble to COT.

Announcements: Look for volunteering and/or wait-lists for the upcoming Mud Run.  Continue to serve and help people affected by the flooding–follow the Twitter.

Hebrews 5:1-10.


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