• When: 2019-06-14
  • QIC: Kamikaze
  • The PAX: Katnis, HighStick (RR), Grilz, FreeBird, Wham, Turncoat, Quaker, Hugo (R), WannaB (R), Kamikaze (RR)

Friday #blockfest at The Castle

10 Pax #tooktheredpill this morning, and chose to get better at The Castle.

Conditions – 62 and clear, perfect workout weather


The Thing – collect your motivation #cinderblockandbricks followed by:

Round 1 – 10 SSH x 4 ct, 10 slo-fast Merkins, 10 SSH x 4 ct, 10 slo-fast Merkins, 10 LBAC – F x 4 CT – with Bricks, 15 Raise the Roof – with Bricks, 10 – LBAC-R x 4 CT – with bricks, Kamikaze V-Up with Block X 20 #crowdpleaser.

Round 2 -Modified Kamikaze 20x20x20 due to YHC’s injury – we Cusaked Blocks to top of parking lot, 20 merkins – squats – lbc’s, same at Whoville – 20x20x20 rinse and repeat and finished our set at the circle – 100 each merkins, squats, LBC’s.

Round 3 – Cusack blocks to Castle Hotbox – wall sit with block x 30 curls, wall sit with block – overhead press x 25 #crowdpleaser – wall sit – no block, wall sit with block x 30 curls.

Round 4 – Cusack blocks to picnic tables 15 x 4 Ct Triceps Dip, Active rest – Standing Kamikaze Pull Over Press with Block (TM) x 15. 15 x 4 Ct Triceps Dip.

Round 5 – Right arm / Left arm Cinder Block carry back to Circle followed by Block Bench Press X 60, Parking Lot Run – Flutter Kick with Block in Press Position x 25, Parking Lot Run.

Returned blocks and bricks followed by 10 x TTT,  20 Imperial Walker, Calf Stretch and closed out with 10 Merkins.

Solid work by the Pax this AM – great way to end the week!

Devotion – brief but focused…mentioned prayers for 10 AM Funeral today with full military honors at Fort Jackson National Cemetery for Petty Officer 3rd Class James Miske, 75, who died on May 26, 2019, in Columbia, South Carolina. Though he was not homeless when he died, he had no family that was able to make his final arrangements. Caughman Harman is the funeral home.

Announcements – F3 Kids on Friday at 7 AM, email sent with other F3 group activities – Castle lunch next Friday 6/21 at Publick House.

Kamikaze out.