• When: 12/1/2015
  • QIC: Stretch
  • The PAX: Stretch, Flipshade, Teddy, Froyo, Pie, Sportcoat, Silver Bullet, Holy poker, Serena, Kenny G, Backdraft, Odyssey, Backhoe, McNugget, Bubs, Pondo, Rubber, Showgirl, Creole, Happy Trees, Crack

Form school 101: intro to the basics

I know people are probably getting tired of the emphasis on good form. But there is a definite reason for it, number one being that it will reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Let’s be frank, most of us are in our 30s and 40s with a still pretty good contingent in their 50s (you all in your 20s don’t count, you rebound like Dennis Rodman in his prime). If we don’t start changing our cruddy form then little knick knack injuries are going to start adding up like gray hairs. I for one have experienced a couple of injuries since starting F3 and one of them was definitely due to poor form, and the other due to poor running mechanics (come this Saturday at 8:30 AM at the Woodshed if you want to learn how to run with less risk of injury). Anytime my R shoulder starts to bother me it is become I am letting my form slip. Sure enough, as soon as I correct and focus on good form then my shoulder doesn’t bother me anymore. Anyway, after I spoke my mind at a recent physical performance test (just making friends left and right, that’s all) Pondo asked if I would do a form school during my next Q. I figure if at least one person takes something away that is helpful then it was worth it. So here it is. 21 pax showed up for a little form school basics.

Condition: 57 degrees

The Thang: Mozy to the front of the school
COP all x 15 4 count
LAC fwd
Butt kicks
High knees

Mozy to pick up blocks and go to back of school
Form school consisted of partnering up and holding your fellow pax member accountable for proper technique for each of the following: squats, merkins, planks, shoulder press, curls for girls, lunges, flutter kicks, big boy sit-ups, dips.

10-15 reps OYO of the following: merkins, goblet squats, flutter kicks x 20, dips, lunges, shoulder press, mozy back to pile and put blocks up and then jail break to COT.

– running workshop this Saturday at 8:30 AM at the Woodshed. Will videotape your running so you can see the before and after.
– F3 Christmas party at 7 at Kings Grant on December 15. Need volunteers who can show up at 5:30. Contact Boris.
– Taking donations for winter clothing for the Mission guys, please contact Pondo or Serena if you are interested in donating
– 5 year F3 anniversary in March in Charlotte
– Families helping Families need help to man the phones’
– P200 in March, contact someone that runs if you want to be on a team

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