• When: 2020-10-13
  • QIC: Nails
  • The PAX: SLED, Goose Ripcord, OBC, Lumen, Prenup, Ball Boy. Cameo flyby appearance by Spool.

Dr Tabata visits SCORE

8+ (mostly) regular SCORE pax met in the gloom at Club Carlisle for some work on an overcast 64 degree morning.

After the required warm-up exercises (24 SSH, LBAC rotation, and 26 Imperial Walkers), the pax moseyed to the corner of Daly and Michigan and lunge walked down Michigan for various distances due the the Q’s vague directions and then moseyed to Jenny’s corner and armed themselves with bricks.

Dr. Tabata took over with sets of curls and Tricep extensions (with bricks). Then we took a little trip to Deveraux for some ab work sets of flutter kicks and LBC’s. Back to our bricks for OH presses and I&O arm flutters, back to Deveraux for box cutters, back to put the bricks away, lunge walk to the 2nd garbage can and then jail break back to the AO.

Work was done by all.

SCORE is great opportunity for lower intensity but a still solid workout for any Pax in rehab or just if your old, slow and fat like YHC. Visitors are always welcome.

5 for coffee at DD.

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