• When: 2020-08-20
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: BoneSaw, Banjo, JarJar, TomTom, Bloodwork, Rosenbagger, SilentBob, BirthdaySuit, Kemba, Squirrel, Teddy, Chewy, Pondo

Damp & Dark Beatdown with Woodshed and Legion

13 Pax, (including JarJar who was a late add) descended upon the unusually dark and damp environs of #TheShed for a Beatdown by YHC.

Conditions:  Moist

The Thang: following a disclaimer, we moseyed from the parking lot to the front of the school and back for a warm up, then proceeded to the middle parking lot for COP: SSH, IW’s, Squats, Merkins, all x 20 & IC, LBC’s x 25 IC, CDD’s x 15 OYO, Low Country Crabs x 20 IC, Alt. Lunges x 20 IC, Calf Raises x 40 OYO, Plankorama with high plank to right arm up, back to high plank, to left arm up, back to high plank, then repeat, but add in star fish on both sides, followed by Mtn. Climbers x 20 IC. Russ. Twists x. 25, IC, Freddy Mercs x 25, IC, Wide Arm Merks x 15 OYO, Heel Touch Crunches x 20, IC, Diamond Merks x 20, OYO, Sumo Squats x 20, IC.

Then partner up and mosey to the field behind the gym for some cone drills.  6 cones wide, socially distanced and 3 cones deep.  Deep cones are numbered 0, 1 & 2 Not exactly a Dora, but a distant cousin: P1 does the transition as indicated between/among cones, while P2 does AMRAP of indicated exercise. Then Flap Jax before moving to the next round.

Round 1- Transition (Sprint from 0 -2 and back) AMRAP Merkins

Round 2- Transition (Bear Crawl from 0-1, Crawl Bear from 1-0) AMRAP Squats

Round 3- Transition (Crab Walk from 0-1, Lunge Walk from 1-2, lunge Walk from 2-1, crab walk from 1-0) AMRAP LBC’s

Round 4- Transition (Frank Martins 0-2 and 2-0) AMRAP Plank

Round 5- Transition (Karaoke 0-2 and 2-0) AMRAP Air Chair

Round 6- Transition (Backwards run 0-2 and 2-0) AMRAP Russ. Twists

Then we did the more traditional DORA running from 0-2 with AMRAP’s of Merkins (150) & Squats (200) and LBC’s (250).  Started to run out of time so we didn’t get to LBC’s.  TomTom was distraught, so I let him lead Flutter Kicks to his satisfaction back at the Flag.

COT and Socially Distanced BOM

Moleskin: While our combined numbers are down and we are missing our young whippersnappers who have started school, this is a hard group of men who enjoy accountability and mumblechatter.

Announcements:  Back at Legion with CornDog on the Q Tuesday and a V-Q for CareBear on Thursday!

Prayers for folks going back to school.

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