• When: 2017-11-28
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: Robber, Logo, Nap, Cheesy, Dusty, PinkEye, Seeker, TwoBuck, Woody, TradeMark, Ragweed, Chaser

#Brickpile goes a runnin’

12 men appeared in a frosty gloom this morning set to tackle the day and a little workout. T-Claps to getting out of bed, out the house and out the truck to workout. These men started the day 3-0 against the enemy.

Conditions: 31-39 degrees depending on which phone and/or car you believed. It was a matter of discussion. I’m partial to the Weather Channel app that had it at 32. ‘Twas a clear and dry cold.


The Q spent at least 8 minutes coming up with the plan, at least…

Leave COT and run to Ager and down to the stop sign at Berkley/Tamaka…it is 800m from there to the light at Devine Street…

On your own AFWCFAP (as fast with correct form as possible, I made that up, I like it)

2 rounds: 25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 sit-ups

Then run 800m to Devine, then…

2 rounds: 25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 sit-ups

Then run 800m back to Berkley/Tamaka.

Less than 20 minutes into the workout the pax had run 1.5 miles and done 100 merkins, 100 squats & 100 sit-ups…solid.

Partner up at the bottom of Tamaka hill.

P1 lowplank, P2 run up to the stop bar & 1 burpee. Run back down and flapjack. Continue rotation from 1 burpee up to 5 for each partner.

Indian Run back to Hollywood Squares (800m)

Hollywood Squares finisher of 10 burpee box jumps onto the Squares.

BOM & COT led by YHC

Moleskin: Good stuff this morning men. A nice sweat on a chilly morning. Cheesy had us at 2.7 miles.

Announcements: December 14th F3 Columbia Christmas Party at King’s Grant Clubhouse. Always a great time. Open to families. Bring a dish or 2 to contribute and your drinks of choice. Please RSVP to McLovin’ @GamecockToonce [email protected]