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BANG BANG BANG (on the door, baby)

An unprecedented F3 Expansion event will happen Saturday, November 7th when workouts in THREE new cities will launch simultaneously. Savannah GA, Augusta GA, and Knoxville TN will all #BigBang at the same time, creating the largest single on-day expansion in the history of F3Nation. Dozens of men have already put themselves on the lists to say “I want F3 in my town and I will be there!”

Here’s what YOU can do:

  1. Send your friends in the three cities to F3Nation.com to mash the blue box and put themselves on the list and get more information.
  2. Volunteer — we have all three #BigBangs covered and we need YOUR REGION to cover one of the #SixSaturdays of Expansion. DM @F3Expansion and get your region on the calendar — dates are filling up fast.
  3. Get active on social media and promote the heck out of these launches. Tweet, retweet, SHARE the posts on Facebook (don’t just like them, SHARE them).

F3 Nation is composed of thousands of High Impact Men and together we will leverage our talents and skills to take F3 to new men across this great nation, one new city — or in this case THREE new cities — at a time.

I’m counting on you,


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