• When: 04/03/2017
  • QIC: Lizard Man
  • The PAX: Stats, Short Circuit, Shneider, Pot hole, Dufresne, Gecko, Sully, Abacus, Sacajawea, Wi-fi, Mayhem, Big Load, Ratched, Dexter, Timber, Barry, Snookie, Harper Valley, Abby Wambach, Schute, Cornwallis, Lizard Man. Flight Risk (FNG)

Urban Legend Spotted in Rectory Square

Conditions:              Ideal – 61 degreesMany were afraid this day would come……once thought to be urban legend….once thought to be extinct…..feeling the warmth of spring weather….slinking out of a Bishopville swamp…..came the inevitable return of the Lizard Man.  The PAX seemed on edge as YHC revealed his two page cheat sheet.  After training his whole life for this moment, YHC gave his orders and we were off.DisclaimerWarm-o-rama

  1. Baby arm circle X 10 forward 10 backward
  2. Squats x 10
  3. Wood shoppers x10
  4. Running in place 30 seconds (It was at this point that Pothole tried to assimilate into the group after arriving a tad bit late).
  5. Calf raises 20
  6. Toe walk 30 seconds
  7. burpee x5
  8. burpee with a high jump x5
  9. walk out Merkin x5

Main workout start/ short circuit

  1. Jump jack 20 three count
  2. Squat jumper 20/ hold squat 30 second
  3. Merkins 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 –(no such thing as girlie merkins as YHC noticed after round 3)
  4. Big boy sit-up 25, 15, 10, 5 – (many modifications after round 3)
  5. Lunges x20 back and forward – (nice recovery exercise)
  6. Squats 20

 Mosey to Lyttleton and Chesnut Stop Light

  1. Pole to pole sprint
  2. Run to the first light pole 10 big boy sit-up
  3. Run back to the start 10 American hammers (Russian twists)
  4. Run pass first pole to second light pole 10 flutter kicks,
  5. Run to start 30 crunches
  6. Run pass first and second light pole to third 10 plank jack
  7. Run back to start line hold plank.
  8. ¼ mile run around rectory square

Mosey To the tennis courtBear crawl to first line 10 Carolina dry dock rows stay down
Bear crawl back to start 8 Carolina dry dock stay down
Bear crawl back to first line 6 Carolina dry dock stay down
Bear crawl back to back to first line 4 dry dock stay down
Bear crawl back to start 50 crunches10 flutter kicks
Six inches 45-90 x10
Heel touch x10
10 second hold lying dog abs stretchReturn to warm up area for Windmills X 10.Mosey to Flag for Count-o-Ramma, COT, BOMMoleskinAnother Virgin Q makes his mark on the PAX.  The men stayed strong throughout a challenging routine.  Only slight whimpers heard at various points in time.   In an unexpected twist, the FNG managed to slip away after Count-O-Ramma……since the FNG techinically completed the full workout…..the PAX decided to name him in his absence…..”Flight Risk.”  It was later discovered that said PAX member was suffering from early stages of turtle leaving shell.Thanks to all for allowing me to lead

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