• When: 2019-01-29
  • QIC: Abby Womback
  • The PAX: Whaler, Stats, Tree Bark, Bolt, Wojo, Mayplant, Schrute, Neon, Snooki, Dufresne, Skipper, Sacajawea, Flight Risk, Abacus, Cornwallis, Abby Womback, Weed, Kiffin, Mayhem

Abby Cold Run

Warm up with SSH (IC) x 20, woodchoppers (IC) x 15, Imperial Walkers (IC) x 20 arm circles (15 each direction) and cross leg stretches

Get bricks and mosey to Fair/Chesnut. Bent-over flys (40) and curls (40).

Hallelujah Mosey to Fair/Union with bricks. American hammer and . Drop bricks then run Greene/Fair. Plank Sequence.

Run to Greene Street Hill. 5 laps each with 15 monkey humpers at bottom and 15 merkins at top.

Indian Run back to Fair/Union, pick up bricks. 40 LBC and 20 Boxcutters

Mosey to Fair/Chesnut. 15 alternating Merkin Rows.

Tennis Court for 3 rounds of windsprints


Prayer requests- Brian Catoe, Cox family

Announcements- Dedication for Towns Redfearn library section in February.