• When: 2021-08-17
  • QIC: Hemingway
  • The PAX: Bull (R), Peachy, RahRah, Hemingway

Hemingway’s Glorious Return

One Minute Warning: Given at 5:15ish

Disclaimer: I assured PAX I was not a professional

Prayer: Thank you Lord for bringing us together this morning.

The Weather: 75 Degrees, clear with little, if any, wind. Not Raining

Warm Up:

-Mosey to the GHS Band Field

-12 Partner Tire Flips begin the Hemingway Gauntlet

The Thang:

-Mosey to Cinder Blocks: 12 Swings and 12 Napalms

-Mosey to the Bus Loop: 1 Round of the Goat Hill Gauntlet

(Iron Crosses, Burpees, BBS, HR Merkins, Squats)

-Mosey to the School Entrance: 12 Mountain Man Makers

-Mosey to Front Parking Lot: 12 Imperial Walkers

-Mosey to Dark Alley: Bear Crawl to Student Parking Lot

-Mosey and Back Pedal Entire Student Parking Lot w/Chest Exercises at the top of each island and Leg exercises at the bottom of each island.

-Mosey to the Flag

-50 LBCs


-Stomp the Swamp 8/20/21

-IPC in September

-9/11 Challenge 9/8/21



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