• When: 2020-12-22
  • QIC: McNugget
  • The PAX: BooBoo, Tarek, Misfire, Splinter, Collar, HeeHaw, Billy Bob, Zima, Blowout, McNugget

Hammer Tribute

10 pax showed up at the old Hammer stomping grounds of Trenholm Park on what would be a perfect morning in the gloom. This was a day to celebrate all Hammer Pax. Many pax have come and gone, some have stuck with the AO through thick and thin. Each and every one of them have made an impact in some way.

YHC thought about all the fun that had been had at Hammer through the years. The time we pushed each other through a frosty 13 degree morning beat down. All the suffering that had been done with these brothers in the gloom as Splinter pushed us to limits we never thought possible.

Conditions: 39 and clear

Each exercise was dedicated to a particular pax. That pax may have become known for calling this exercise when he Q’d or it may have been just a fitting exercise for him. Either way, we thought about our Hammer pax.

Warm Up:

20 Burpees OYO (Gaston)

12 SSH IC (Deville)

20 Little Baby Arm Circles (Detour)

20 Overhead Press (Tarek)

20 Hello Dollies (Apple)



The Thang:

50 Slum dogs OYO (slum dog)

12 chicken peckers (Eldrick)

1 min Balls to the wall (Turtle)

20 RA Lunges (RA)


25 curls for the girls (Zima)

12 Turkish get ups (BooBoo) Note- Accidentally skipped this one!


Flutters 50 IC (Chopshop)

Field work:

Four Corners Cusack (Collar)

25 block Squats (MisFire) 25 knerkins (Billy Bob)

Deion’s- down/back (Sweetness)

Sweat Angels (Wally)

Tennis Courts:

Frank Martin Suicides (Pinkman and Garnish)


American Hammers (All Hammer Pax)

COT/BOM (Blowout)


  • As YHC planned this beat down, it gave me an opportunity to reflect on the HIM that had so deeply impacted my life and the lives of pax at Hammer and beyond.
  • Kotters to Splinter and Tarek as they returned from a brief hiatus.
  • Thank you to Turtle who EH’d me over 5 years ago.
  • We miss men like Slum Dog, RA, and Eldrick who have moved away
  • We appreciate men like Wally and Deville who have significantly transformed themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • It made YHC think about the importance of back blasts as I looked back to plan this workout. YHC has to do a better job of this. 


New Year’s Convergence TBD

Bayler Teal 5K Moved to Saturday 9:00 in Bishopville


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