• When: 2018-08-03
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Puck, Belding, StayPuff, Doodle, Nub, Swayze

Fartlek Friday Returns

YHC decided to bring out a Rooster favorite, Fartlek Friday.

YHC arrived at the park to warm up his tight joints and about 5 minutes into the routine he was surprised to see Doodle come strolling up main street. Doodle has a football scrimmage to coach in Edisto this morning, so YHC expected this man to sleep in a little then head off to the football game. But no, here he was. YHC decided to forgo the rest of the rigid formalities that are the warm up routine and join Doodle for a roughly 1 mile stroll around the neighborhood before meeting back up at the flag to get things started.

Once back at the Rooster we found 4 more men getting ready to roll. Swayze and Nub were packing up ruck sacks and adjusting straps. Belding and Stay Puff were doing their own warm up routines, mostly jawing and drinking coffee.

YHC called time to start, counted the Pax, gave a quick disclaimer, and commenced a BOM

After hearing a quick description of what was about to go down the ruckers declared that they were not built for speed work and set out on a tour of Leesville.

The thang.

The 4 remaining pax (Stay Puff, Belding, Doodle & YHC) took a quarter lap around the park then then assembled back at the parking lot

Round 1: 2 X 400M repeats with 200M recovery. But wait you say, the Rooster is not at a track how can you do 400M repeats? Well it just so turns out that there is almost exactly 400M between College St and Caughman St and it is almost exactly 100M from Caughman to Hwy23.

Run at your aerobic threshold from College to Caughman and then stroll the 100m to Hwy23 and then 100 back to Caughman st. Once back at Caughman run at your aerobic threshold back to college. Run quarter lap around the park and then jog around the parking lot waiting for the 6 to recover

Round 2: Rinse and repeat

At this point Doodle had to go mold mere boys into men on the grid iron

Round 3:

Fartleck – The Pax head down main street each taking turn calling out 2 land marks to sprint between.

Round 4:

Dealers Choice – The pax takes turn calling out 2 land marks and what we are to do between them (back pedal, karaoke, high knees, ¾ speed, and sprint where among the modes of locomotion called)

At the end, all the pax (minus Doodle) made it back to the park and got all better