• When: 2019-08-08
  • QIC: Brick
  • The PAX: Rocking Chair (r), Ball Boy, Shandy, Strut, Tail Pipe, Brick

Crypt BB 08.08.19

One Minute Warning:



The weather: Low 70’s and Humid.

Enjoyed my first Q (and post) out at Crypt today.

Really impossible to avoid elevation out here no matter where you go, although, I am familiar enough with the campus to avoid Reaper Hill!

Here’s what we did.

 Mosey-1 big lap around parking lot.

 Light Pole Sprints :

Run to light pole 2 and perform 10 burpees

Run back to light pole 1 and perform 10 Donkey Kicks

Rinse and Repeat descending 2 reps each sprint.


(Total 30 burpees,  30 Donkey Kicks, 10 sprints)

 Four Corners:

At four light poles, about 50 yards apart

Perform 5 reps of each called exercise at each pole (20 reps per round).

Round 1:  Merkins

Round 2:  Merkins + Shoulder Taps

Round 3:  Merkins + Shoulder Taps + Carolina Dry Docks

Round 4: Merkins + Shoulder Taps + Carolina Dry Docks + Burpees

(total 80 merkins, 60 shoulder taps, 40 CDD, 20 Burpees)

Mosey around a little bit to the front court yard parking lot

Sprinting back and forth we are performing 5 reps of called exercise at each curb until 40 total reps of each exercise is performed at each curb.

Curb 1: Monkey Humpers

Curb 2 alternating jumping lunges

Mosey around a little bit and Return near the flag to finish up strong.

Get as many cycles through the following as possible in 4 minutes.

5 BBSU’s, 5 Merkins, 5 half-Burpees (i think most pax made it through 3 rounds)


Bicycle Crunches, American Hammer, Peter Parker, Iron Crosses, 1 minute Plank



  • Stomp the Swamp
  • Iron Pax Challenge (Sign Up!)


  • Brownie and his family
  • Eve’s little boy
  • Blindside’s Daughter.