• When: 2017-12-28
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: Meter, Overage, Juice

The Grinder, Modified

3 pax finished the year at Ambush with a cold running of the Grinder.  We talked on the message board last night about doing an abbreviated version at 5 and piling in a clown car to head to the Nantan’s 4 year anniversary Q at the Shank.  After 15 minutes of suffering and complaining about the wind we did the math on finishing the Grinder and hitting Lizards Thicket or driving to Shank for 45 more minutes of wind.  The pax chose the grinder and coffee.  Sorry Ken Doll.  What the pax want the pax get.

Conditions: 35 and Windy and Cold


The Thang:

“The Grinder”

There are 6 “islands” around the parking lot we meet in. Three to the left of the flag and three to the right. We will circle the parking lot stopping at each island to perform an exercise. We start at the shovel flag.

Run to island #1 and perform 21 Merkins. Sprint to # 2 and perform 21 Squats. Sprint to # 3 and perform 21 LBC’s. Sprint roughly 150 yards to # 4 and perform 21 Merkins. Sprint to # 5 and perform 21 Squats. Sprint to # 6 and perform 21 LBC’s. Sprint roughly 60 yards back to the shovel flag. Perform 1 burpee. You have completed 1 lap.

Rinse and Repeat until time is called, adding 1 rep per exercise per lap. Every lap is roughly 1/4 mile. Second lap would be 22 of each and 2 burpees.

The Modification:
The wind this morning made the Grinder worse than it already is.  We tried a couple different things to avoid such a strong headwind (running backwards, cutting through the parking lot), but they didn’t really work.  Eventually, we reversed direction of the Grinder and continued to complain about the wind.  



Meter, Overage, Juice    7 laps


There was no playlist by Paper Jam


12/30 Cottonmouth

1/1 Convergence CAT – something for everyone

1/6 Saluda Launch & 50K

1/27 Growruck