• When: 2018-04-23
  • QIC: Boo Boo & Chedda
  • The PAX: Whino, Wapner, Swayzee, Swanson, Stay Puft, Rook, Rocking Chair (respect), Recall, Ranger (respect), Quisenberry, Quest, Postal, Ponzi, Pick Axe, Life Alert, Lego, Kukoc, Knozit, Hot 4 Teacher, Hemmingway, Granola, Giggity, Fast Casual, Dunphy, Dirty Bird (respect), Deebo, Cheers, Buzzsaw (respect), Bulldog, Brownout, Braniac, Boo Boo, Bar Crawl, Banjo, Abacus, Chedda

The Gauntlet (Day Six) – Expulsion

high 50s with light rain (on and off)

Day six of the 2018 Gauntlet featured 36 PAX. With week one (the Viper, the Kamikaze, the Tomcat, the Slammer and the Reaper) behind us and only 5 more days to go, the PAX showed up looking rested and ready to punish themselves once again. The numbers may have been a bit low due to the prediction of rain, but aside from completing exercises on the damp grass, we remained pretty dry. Detention’s AOQ, Boo Boo, explained the details of “Expulsion” edition, split the PAX into two groups, assigned two different starting to points to ease the congestion and started the clock. At that point, the PAX were off and running. Here’s the breakdown of the specific pain stations…

* Complete 20 TRICEP DIPS on the benches up front then run to the hill behind the school (The Principal)
* CRAB WALK backward up hill, stopping at each of the three levels to complete 15 LBCs then run to far side of hill
* CRAWL BEAR down the hill then run to the far corner of campus to the bottom of the driveway
* BW RUN up hill, stopping at each of three light poles to complete 15 DECLINE MERKINS then run to ramp
* BEAR CRAWL from one end of ramp to the other then run to the end of the fence
* Complete 10 BROAD JUMP BURPEES then run to the starting spot
Rinse and Repeat for 45 minutes, increasing reps by 1 each lap (except for broad jump burpees).

The PAX were clearly energized from a day (or two) of rest. This bodes well for the rest of the week because we’ve got some challenges ahead us. These “new school” AMRAPS are no joke.

* SCHEDULE CHANGE FOR TOMORROW: Tuesday is at Ambush – home of the Grinder – for Day Two of Week Two. Starts at 0500. Be there about five minutes early.
* Looking for idea’s for Rook’s first “big-time” CSAUP event. He committed to doing this if we had more than 30 PAX today. We had 36.
* “Twitter Silence” from 6:30-8:00 is strongly encouraged – spend that time with family.
* May 5th – 2nd Annual F3 3rd F 5K.
* May 19th – Mud Run
* April 28th – Brew Ruck
* May 4th – F3 dad’s night at Columbia Fireflies

* Dear Diary – cancer treatment
* Moist’s sister and family – baby girl still fighting – next big hurdle is breathing on her own in 16 days from now
* Taurasi’s wife knee injury
* Whiffle Ball – continued recovery from recent procedure
* John – lost leg to cancer