• When: 2019-02-23
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Finch, Papa Smurf (2.0), Mr Green Jeans, Hoboken, Farmer, Sauerkraut, Harp (Respect) FNG-Brainfart

Slinging in the Rain

The last saturday of the month at Snakepit is typically UF with 2.0’s but lately with P200 training and the rainy weather, attendance has not been great.  This saturday 8 hardy souls, including 4 from the Finch clan, posted in the cold drizzle for a back and forth disc tossing battle.

At first, there was a several displays of terrible throws, dropped discs and various other klutzy displays, but once both teams warmed up, we were back like the polished players we normally are.

There were several highlights:

  1. Hoboken completed his first every underhand throw
  2. Farmer is a beast on D.  His motor never stops
  3. Don’t throw near Sauerkraut, ever, when he’s on the other team
  4. Finch still has jets
  5. Papa Smurf had a highlight catch, back of the end zone, diving, barely in bounds
  6. Our two new teens played and ran well.

Mosely back to flag

Announcements: 2/28 Chinstrap has his 5 yr Anniversary

3/2 Converge at GY

3/22 P 200


Brainiac’s surgery

Chinstrap and family

Kiffin’s father passing

Farmer, his family and new baby

Closing prayer