• When: 2018-01-18
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: TrackHoe, Mercy Rule, Navy Bean, Kenwood.

Pretty cold morning at CAT

It was a pretty cold morning at CAT, but 4 faithful showed up to get better.  How cold was it?  We had a frozen lift gate, and a key fob that wouldn’t work, bricks that were stuck together, and an unnamed PAX that decided to warm up his car before the count-o-rama.  So, yeah, it was cold. 4 PAX total.  2 got in 2 miles of RL beforehand.

Conditions: low 20s (may car said 16 when I left), clear

1 minute warning, lighting of the “Monster Jam Cone” (a Christmas present from my son “F3 – Monster Jam” who said it was for doing workouts), disclaimer.

Slowsey to get two bricks each.  The bricks were frozen/stuck together which should have told me they were super cold.  Circle up at the pole vault area for the warm-up…

  • 20x SSHs IC
  • 20x Flutter Kicks IC
  • 20x LBCs IC
  • 20x Brick CFTGs OYO
  • 20x Brick Tricep Extensions OYO
  • 20x Brick Bent Over Lat Raises OYO

Slowsey to the straight away on the track for…

  • 10 Burpees (1 merkin in the middle), side lunge 10 yards.
  • 10 Squats (1 brick overhead press while seated), side lunge 10 yards.
  • 9 Burpees (2 merkins in the middle), side lunge 10 yards.
  • 9 Squats (2 brick overhead presses while seated), side lunge 10 yards.
  • Rinse and repeat until…
  • 1 Burpee (10 merkins in the middle), side lunge 10 yards.
  • 1 Squat (10 brick overhead presses while seated).

We side lunged right for half, and back left for half.  Afterwards we returned the bricks and met at the parking lot for…

  • 3 rounds of…
    • People’s Chair for 1 minute (mixed arm exercises)
    • 20x BBSUs OYO
    • 50x Calf Raises OYO

That finished the 45 minutes so we met back at the shovel flag for the…




Prayer Requests / Prayer:

  • Scotch’s son

Pledge of Allegiance

Oh yeah, did I mention it was cold?