• When: 2018-01-10
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Puck, Swayze, Wino, Urkel, Shankopotamus (Respect), Stay Puff, Caboose, Happy Trees

Oh to Hill with it!

WHAT AN AWESOME START TO THE DAY IN THE GLOOM!!!  YHC was excited to see his brothers this AM. There were no new faces, places or paces but we got some good training in. Stay Puff even got in some impromptu street court time and showed us white boys can in fact almost dunk on the 8 footers…WHAT WHAT!!!! I am also super happy our boy Urkel went ahead and scouted out our route or we may have missed that Skyline Hill. Thanks Urk!! Wino said he was going to do the harder thing and run around 9 min/mi with us, but of course he had to slack off and go off with Urkel somewhere out there in the  7:30 slackerville range…wonder how long they held hands and who complained the most. Oh well, YHC has digressed.

Now onto the main event, Swayze vs Puck in an “all chips in” Ruck off. Since YHC wasn’t there here is how it played out in YHC’s mind: Swayze flipped for heads… no pressure! He starts it off with borrowing Puck’s ruck. BOLD MOVE SWAYZE!! SUPER MANLY!! 100 POINTS AND A BRICK!! Putting it on his front side, he then drops 35 abyss merkins on the Rooster’s macho dip bars, BOOYAHKAH!  How can Puck possibly come back? He thinks  what would Daniel-San do? First, he cries a little just to get his mind right. Second, he summons his Rooster AOQ power to create Fog! HE CREATED HIS OWN FOG PEOPLE!!! (note: Swayze kind of does that to, but it’s not the cool kind of fog). Unfortunately for Swayze Puck’s last name at the hospital was MANLY….the spooky background drums start to steadily thump as Puck chains the Rooster log to Swayze, chains Swayze to himself and hammers out 12 bicep busting chin ups. It’s all over the crowd comes out of their seats to rush out and hoist him on their shoulders!!!! WAIT…WHAT’S THIS?!! Puck reaches out and grabs the Swayze infused log and hoists them up with him…that was F3 as hell Puck. 3 Thumbs up.

Conditions: Hills

Route: Hills, 4.9 miles of them.

Announcements: Hills