• When: 05-26-18
  • QIC: Jaws
  • The PAX: Bionic - r, POTUS - r, Overnight, Breaker Breaker - r, Chum -r, Dradstick - r, Jaws - r

Jaws “curbs” the mumblechatter



Warm up with 25 sidesaddle hops, over head claps while in the horse stance. Retaining horse stance little baby arm circles 15 forward, 15 in reverse, 20 lbcs and 20 through the tunnel. 

Mosey to the grate and then bear crawl to the fence, 20 calf raises toes in, 20 toes out, 20 triceps dips on your own.

Then to the curb, 20 merkins on your own.

Back to fence 20 calf raises toes in 20 toes out, then stretch out calf muscle and Achilles’ tendon.

Back to curb, 20 incline merkins, 20 decline merkins and back to fence.

20 dips on your own, then 20 calf raises toes in feet at shoulder width, 20 out, 20 dips on your own.

Back to curb 25 four count flutter kicks, 40 seconds of hello dollies.

Back to fence 20 calf raises, then calf stretches.

Back to curd 20 incline knerkins, 20 decline knerkins, 20 4 count flutter kicks.

Mosey to brick and block pile.  20 slow chest presses, half way up, all the way up, half way down, all the way down, rinse and repeat in 1/4 moves, stopping for 10 seconds at each position, rinse and repeat, then 10 more presses.

Trade block for brick and upside down Superman for 45 seconds.

Repeat chest presses with blocks.

Back to brick and upside down Superman for 45 seconds, rinse and repeat.

To the flag.




Prayer requests



Lord’s Prayer

Closing prayer. 

A fun workout for all.