• When: 2018-01-29
  • The PAX: Hopper (R), Ranger (R), Lt Dan, Wiggles, Floppy Disc, Rebar, Cheddar, Forrest, Tailpipe, Boo Boo, Good Hands, Booster, Strut, Steamer, Nanochip, FNG-Levar, FNG, Gum Drop, Bulldog, No Show

F3LEX_FULL COURT….opens for business

Thrilled to start a great thing this morning…F3LexSC’s very first basketball AO.  And, we had a blast.  Thank you again to all that made this happen….Ken Doll, Lt. Dan, Hopper, Ranger, Hoboken, Wiggles, Julep, & Emmy.  This will be a great thing and we got off to a great start already bringing 2 FNGs to F3Lex this morning.

Disclaimer and FNGS

The Thang:

We had the dreaded odd number of 19 PAX.  So we split into groups of 8 and 11 and played Full Court on the side courts at RBHS and went for an hour.  Basically got two games in on each side.

Here were some of the highlights/mumbelchatter:

Skins-Booster and Steamer made a formidable front court.  Good Hands and Booster had some nice eye contact setting up some easy baskets off of some back cuts.  Lt Dan has some sneaky good hanldes and got some home cooking from the generous rims.  Skins won game 1, 15-12

Shirts-Strut is great off the stop & pop and very good going to his right (info noted).  He did AirBall a layup though (maybe worried about Good Hands blocking it).  Microchip and FNG-GumDrop provided plenty of athleticism & speed.  Wiggles didn’t miss especially when it counted including the game winner in game 2 17-15.  Ice in those veins or maybe he was just tired and wanted it all to be over with!

Court 2:

Good guys started making some deep shots and counting them as 2’s (as we were playing 1s & 2s) but Ranger quickly said that wasn’t how it was going to work and everything counted as 1s.  Yikes!  made for a long first game.  Good guys battled back and took a 4 point lead but couldn’t hang on.  Hopper took over down the stretch and helped the bad guys win by 1.

Game 2 was played to 10 as we were running short on time.  Hopper was the man again as he switched teams and pushed the good guys to a win.  10-5

A few notes:

Rebar, Cheddar, Floppy Disc, & Booster can play ANY sport

Tailpipe has concrete blocks for basketball shoes and refuses to jump off the ground to shoot the ball

Hopper is crafty as all get out.  watch this guy…RESPECT

Ranger played with a sore back…so, he was angry Ranger.  But, finally got some shots to fall in the second game.

Boo Boo, crafty as well.  And a bowling ball when he puts his head down and drives to the basket.

Fun times for sure.  And, everybody is sore I believe.


Full Court will be every Friday at Lexington Baptist Church Family Life center 5-6 am

Our next RBHS Full court session will be Monday February 26th. we will probably add more Mondays in March.

Prayer Requests:

The kids at River Bluff HS

Floppy’s brother is in Haiti on a missions trip


Matt Klosterman>>>Matt told us everything about himself and his family. then we finally all woke up and started dropping basketball references (which didn’t sit well with Ranger).  But, we all decided on LAVAR for Matt…just because.  The kid is a Baller!

Landon Riley>>>Nanochip’s buddy>>Midlands Tech right now>>>will go to USC>>>works at a Candy Apple/dessert place>>>Gum Drop


Great work, dudes!  It was awesome!