• When: 2017-08-03
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Urkel, Puck, Rollo, Devito, Caboose, Happy Trees, Wilson, Chum Lee, Stay Puff, Wahoo, Belding, Pass Ball, Hemingway, Hops, Bull, Grout, Shankapotomus-R, Wino, Nub, Ace

Cool Smoke

This morning in the gloom of the Smokehouse we were glad to see the Tomahawk boys roll in to participate in the far Westside AO exchange program and since we had already decided we’d treat each other with our versions of our PT test, twas time to get smoked up.  I was concerned last night about our light situation in the stadim with all the stairs but alas a little birdie dropped keys from the sky and fixed that problem.  The problem I didn’t really let enter my mind was the sprinklers, and of course they were a running.  Thus this month we were treated to a little cool moist Smoke.   I think this was a first for any non-Smokehouse pax to get a taste of the Smoke and after was all said and done I think it was a test enjoyed by all.  Tclaps to Grout for coming in and setting the new CR!  GHG on Tuesday and Smoker on Thursday makes for a good week of betterment on the far westside.

1 min warning

Welcome and prayer

Disclaimer during the mosey to the stadium

Smoker route explained and since we know just how much the Tomahawk crew enjoys warm-ups.  I planned the hardest one ever…Cherry Pickers x 10 IC and let the Smoker begin!

#’s 1 & 3–Burpees x 5 (plus 1 upon each completed round)

All other exercises x 20 (plus 1 each round)


Time called and mosey back to flag


Announcements- special stuff happened here but you just had to be there, right Caboose?

Prayer requests

Schwing’s M, Smooth & Creamy, Julia Shealy, Rick Yarborough, Nancy Buzhardt