• When: 2019-07-25
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Drisoket, Navy Bean, Trickle, Overage, Shine


6 men came out to get some work done this morning at CAT.  YHC struggled with creativity yesterday so this will be a pretty short backblast!

Weather:  63 degrees and perfect

Disclaimer and Prayer

Get blocks and meet up at the TOMCAT stairs  Circle up.

10 little baby arm circles forwards IC

10 little baby arm circles backwards IC

10 Through the tunnel IC

10 Windmill

Grab your blocks.  The workout is to complete the TOMCAT with your blocks until time is called.  1 time up the ramp.  At the top of the main stairs, 21 shoulder press and 21 curls.  At the smaller stairs, 21 BBSU and 21 gas pumps.  Add 1 rep each time until time is called.  We got about 4 laps in.


8/24 Stomp the Swamp

8/24 Jailbreak Escape

8/30 GORUCK tough and light in Columbia

11/2 Hairy Bison

Drisoket’s house tonight for STEAK NIGHT

Prayer requests:

Prisma team and the changes that come with a company transition such as that. Overage

Maggie and the Blindside family.


Thank you for letting me lead this morning.  I had a great time, the CAT guys are always fun to be around and they always come ready to work.