• When: 12-26-2017
  • QIC: MuggyTape
  • The PAX: KenDoll, Dozer, Overage, MuggyTape

A Little Sandbag and Farmer Carrying Fun

So it’s the day after Christmas and cold outside who is going to show up?  3 pax  join YHC to put in work, and try to offset all the Christmas cookies, candy canes , turkey, ham and all the other healthy foods we have consumed over the holidays.  Everyone worked hard this morning.

Weather:  A Balmy 38

The Thang:




SSH – 20

IW  – 20

TTT – 20

LB Arm circles – 10 forward & backward

Pair up:

Sandbag work with 60lb bag:  1 team leaves the workout below to perform sandbag reps then flapjacks with other team

Rd1 – 6-squat thrusters w/forward throw, Rd2: 12-shoulder presses, Rd3: 6-burpee pressing sandbag over head, Rd4:6- sandbag toss each side. (left & right)

Line up on sideline of football field: bear crawl to other side, lung walk back

Grab 2 blocks and line up on the sideline of the field

RD1: Partner 1: farmers carry the blocks, partner 2 flutter kick (2 ct) , flap jack, total 200 per team

RD2: partner 1 farmers carry the blocks, partner 2 American Hammers (2 ct), flapjack 200 per team

RD3: partner 1 farmers carry the blocks, partner 2 LBAC total 200 per team

4 Cones about 25yrds apart:

RD1: Bear crawl to 1st cone 5-merkins, crawl bear to 2nd cone 5-merkins, crab walk to 3rd 5-merkins, rev crab walk to 4th 5-merkins

RD2: R&R add 5-derkins at each cone

RD3: R&R add 5-crucible merkins


Prayer Requests:

Marriages, Flanagans, KenDoll getting knee checked out today, Tinkle and Family


Dozer took a 60lb sandbag to the face this morning and kept going.  He is one bad dude.

KenDoll brought the mumblechatter to try throw this experienced Q off his game.  Didn’t work.

These guys crushed the 60lb sandbag work so I may have to move up to 80lb for the next one


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