• When: 2019-10-01
  • QIC: Field Goal
  • The PAX: FNG’s; Matt Gillespie – Gypsy Daniel Rikard – Bubble Wrap Jake Sherbert – Minecraft Frank Barksdale – She Shed Troy Reynolds – Pile Jason Davidson – Blacklight Kevin Spell - Cocky The rest of the Pax; Ponzi, Muggy Tape, Ramrod, Flexseal, Lumburg, Flipper, Big box, Kendoll, Dos, Coondog, Mercy Rule, Floppy Disk, Cramps, mulligan, Gravedigger, Stripes, Hoist, Escabor, Big Al, Miranda, Ranger, Hedges, All 9s, Zacchaeus, Key Chain, Twerk, Taurasi, Nub, Rosie, Butt Dial, MacGruber, Kenwood, Hawk, Puck, Slumlord, Dozer, Gummy, Meter, Squater, Penny Worth, Brita, CDB, 2 Star, REC, Wire Nuts, Pop Off, Trac Hoe, Nozit, Mawana, El chapo, Pocahontas, Flea, Juice, Wee Wee, Irrev, Overage, Jerkins, Wild hog, Paper Jam, Meatball, Scooper, Bing, Inspector Mom, Lincoln Log, Heisenburg, Trickle, Niles, Soaker, Tugs, Lego, Goodman, Pole Dance, Nic, Shine, Poe, Zoom Zoom, Postal, Scotch, Dangal, 5 Play, Deebo, Life Alert, Beaver Pellet, Buzz Saw, Cheers, Boucher, Field Goal

96 Pax Storm “The Beech” for the BIG #Boom!

Well, Considering this is the first back blast  have written since 01/30/18, here goes;

All I can say is WOW! 96 pax came together to Launch the new AO at Beechwood Middle School. I arrived at the school around 4:05AM to set up. At 4:25 there had to be at least 20 SL runners already headed out on their morning runs. It was awesome to see.

Conditions: 73 and a little humid

That Thang

Disclaimer/ BOM/ Prayer

Mosey over to the teachers parking lot for COP:

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

Counted of by 1-2s and mosey over to the Baby Reaper Hill

1s ran down the hill and preformed 10 Squats, while 2s stayed at the Top and preformed 10 Merkins, ran up and down adding one rep every lap. (8 minutes)

Mosey over to the Bus Loop

1s on the fence preformed modified Pullups while 2s preformed Top taps on the curb. Alternated every minute (8 minutes)

Mosey over the to the Practice Field and partnered up were cones were placed 20, 40, and 60 yards

Partner 1 – Lunged to the 1st cone and back while partner 2 preformed Carolina Dry Docks. Flap Jack

Partner 1 – Sprinted to the 2nd Cone while partner 2 preformed Carolina Dry Docks.   Flap Jack

Partner 1 – Sprinted to the 3rd Cone while partner 2 preformed Squats   Flap Jack

Repeat at the 1st cone, continued with Squats

Mosey over to the parking lot near the Practice Field, Heading out of the entrance. At each Light Pole, preform 1 Merkins and 1 Squats, adding a rep of each at each Light pole. (10 Light Poles Total)


Mosey back to the Flag.




Prayer Request – Marriages, unspoken requests


11/16 – Cheech 10K

2/15/20 – Dam to Dam relay