• When: 2019-12-12
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Buzz Saw (R), Lego, 5 Play, Cheers, Ponzi, Dunphy (R), Soaker

1 Year Celebration with Bros, Blocks and Frost

YHC celebrated (one week early) his 1 year anniversary with F3. It has been an awesome year getting better physically, spiritually, and as a man in general. I am amazed at the quality of men throughout F3 Lexington but the guys at Shawshank really stand out. My intro to this group consisted of being EH’d for 24 hours by Doc Lovin’, showing up the next day and never looking back. 1 year of straining to keep up with these men, multiple cramps, bruises, and an internal time change for my daily routine for bowel movements, has made me committed to keep pushing, doing the harder thing, and seeing what is in store for 2020.

Conditions: 31 degrees with a nice layer frost on the ground

Disclaimer, No FNG’s, Prayer

The Thang:

Mosey to soccer field next to block pile and circle up.

SSH x 25 IC

Burpees IC – did not count right so quit after a few (still need Ken Doll)

LBAC x 10 IC (forward and backward)

TTT x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to the block pile and find a friend. Line up on the goal line.

Special thanks to Buzz Saw for switching blocks with me when I wasn’t looking – got a big block and a little better thanks to my pal, Uncle Ron.

50 Curls, jog out 30 yards and then burpee broad jump back to the block

40 Curls, jog out 30 yards and lunge back to the block – rinse and repeat 2x’s

30 OH Presses, jog out 30 yards and lunge back to the block – rinse and repeat 3x’s

25 decline merkins, jog around the soccer field back to the block – rinse and repeat 3x’s

Partner up – P1 does LBC’s while P2 does the farmer carry with the blocks 25 paces and returns – rinse and repeat 3x’s

Return the blocks and mosey to the calf raise stairs. 50 calf raises with toes straight, 10 HR merkins, 50 calf raises with toes pointed out, 10 HR merkins, 50 calf raises with toes point in, 10 HR merkins

Mosey to the flag for quality time with Mary. 6 inches for 1 minute, Hello Dolly x 15 IC, Flutter Kicks maybe IC, maybe OYO (had a bad moment counting again)



Tuesday, 12/17 – converge with FIA at LHS at 5am. Run for Digits and shoe drive. Shank guys can stay at LHS or join them for the prayer at the beginning and head to Shawshank for a 5:30 beatdown with Ponzi.

Saturday, 12/14 – 3 spots open to ring the Salvation Army bell at Walmart (2pm, 3pm, 4pm).

Saturday, 12/14 – F3 Christmas party

Prayer Requests:

Tarjay – shoulder surgery soon

Raft’s M

Big Box – family dealing with loss

Bulldog – mom had surgery

Cowbell – 2.0 had surgery yesterday and it went well


Devo: Proverbs 27:17 – Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

This is what F3 means to me. Guys willing to invest time in my life and hold me accountable on a daily basis. Each person is disciplined to do the harder thing, willing to invest in others, and prepared to lead whenever called upon. Thanks for a great year 1.