• When: 2018-01-25
  • QIC: The Don
  • The PAX: The Don, Rated R, Lamont, Neuter, FOB, Garden Tator, Enos, Lock Box, Aim High, Fiji

Practice Birthday Q for The Don

Conditions: Clear skys. 30 degrees, but nice.

ssh x20 IC
through the tunnel x10 ic
windmill x10 ic
squat x20 ic
flutter kick x20 ic

Line up on curb, bear crawl to one side and do 1 merkin, reverse bear crawl back to other curb and do 2 merkin.  Keep repeating back and forth until you complete 10 merkins.

Mosey to rock pile and carefully select your rock. Walk over to pull up bars.
1 curl with rock, 2 pull ups, 2 curls, 2 pull ups, 3 curls, 2 pull ups. Complete 10x until 10 curls.  When all pax finish, complete 20 curls OYO

Rock Burpees x10.  When all pax complete, do 10 should presses with rocks OYO.

Jump over rock x1, 1 lat row with rock
Jump over rock x2, 2 lat row with rock
Complete up to x10

Bring rocks back to rock pile and do 20 lat rows before tossing the rock away.

Mosey to Hot Dog Stand.
1 jump squat, run to bench, 1 incline merkin
Rinse and repeat increasing by 1 each time until you complete 10 sets.

Dips x20 IC
Flutter kicks x20 IC

Mosey back to shovel flag.