• When: 2018-05-03
  • QIC: Slate
  • The PAX: Webber, Uncle Rico, Phonebooth, Smithers, Slate

Let the races begin!

Conditions: Perfect!

The Thang:

Break into teams and mosey to the Middle School parking lot:
Each team perform 1 burpee in each parking space then race back to the middle and plank on the other teams

Mosey to the field:
Each team gets a soccer ball. Goal is to move the soccer ball from one fence to the other in the long direction of the field. To move the ball you must earn a turn by doing a number of a certain exercise.

1st round – 50 monkey humpers for 1 kick.
2nd round – 20 merkins for 1 throw.
3rd round – 25 LBCs for one throw to a teammate (if dropped the ball returns to the throwing location)

Mosey to the block pile:
Each team setup 5 blocks at your respective light pole. You want your team to get all the blocks. To earn the right to move one block you must perform 10 pullups.


Great work by all the pax today. We focused on the value of the team and having brothers around to support you. F3 is such a resource of men to help through all the struggles of life but we must be willing to open up about our struggles in order to receive the help from our brothers. Just like we talked about in Billy, let’s keep lifting each other up in prayer and supporting our brothers in every way we can.