• When: 2017-11-16
  • QIC: Lap Dog
  • The PAX: Webber, Slate, Hokie Pokie, Uncle Rico, Matchbox, Lap Dog

Chilly Bros

Conditions: Warm if compared to the Artics

The Thang-

1. Merry


20 LAC


15 OAC

2. Tire flip up and back parking lotwith two tires each with a team of three.

1st round- 5 flips each then 8 merkins till third light post, 4 flips 10 merkins on the way back.

2nd round- 4 flips 10 merkins while rest of team lunges till third light post, 3 flips 10 merkins with rest of team lunging back

2. Grab a block to Qsac through parking lot

1st round- stop at 1st and 2nd light post to do 15 curls for the girls  and 10 merkins at the third, 15 curls at the first and second again returning and 10 merkins at the end.

2nd round- same as first

Return blocks

Took a victory lap around the school after all the swole that was accomplished with 5 stops of 15 squats and one stop to improve our twerk game with 15 monkey humpers.


Christmas party December 2nd. Pay Uncle Rico- AO’s need to be sure to bring 2 apps and 2 desserts

Prayer request for Uncle Rico and Matchbox’s mother in law