• When: 2019-01-21
  • QIC: McLovin
  • The PAX: Wally, Billy Bob, Eldrick, RA, Gaston, Detour, Collar, Sketch, Pinkman, Fountainhead, McLovin

Welcome to Scram-BULL

With temps below freezing and the need to #GetBetter both looming over the #Gloom this morning, YHC emerged from the #Fartsack looking for a way start the week with something a little different.  With the AOQ change over taking place at The Bull, YHC thought it best to pay homage to one of F3 Columbia’s toughest workouts: The Bull/The Bullseye.  T-Claps to the 11 PAX, who were willing do what many would not this morning by experiencing short-term discomfort in exchange for long-term improvement.

Conditions: 28 degrees and clear (perfect Burpee weather)

The Thang:

Left out of Trenholm Plaza onto Trenholm Road

Take Trenholm Road to Lonsford Drive

Stop at base of Lonsford Drive for instructions from YHC


Run up Lonsford Drive, take right onto Brennen Road, take immediate right onto Brockwall Drive, follow Brockwall Drive to Lonsford Drive, take left onto Lonsford Drive until reach intersection of Lonsford Drive and Trenholm Road.

Congratulations, you have completed one lap of The Scram-BULL

Expectation was that each PAX completed 3 laps with the goal that each PAX complete 4 laps.

Once complete, PAX gathered at intersection of Lonsford Drive and Trenholm Road.

PAX then took right onto Trenholm Road, mosey down Trenholm Road and then took right into Trenholm Plaza.


Enter Trenholm Plaza and take Two or Three Laps Around Trenholm Plaza

Return to Virtual Shovel Flag


Total mileage – 3.6 to 4.4 miles


COT/BOM – McLovin


  • Wow.  That sucked.  By the fourth lap, YHC was questioning this idea.  Lonsford provides steady elevation gain, and, after 4 laps of such nonsense, heart rates were up.
  • Great work by the PAX this AM. Eldrick, Collar, and RA led the way. 
  • Very cool to have the last 3 Nantans posting together at Scramble this morning.  This does not happen as often as you think.
  • Great to have double digits on a chilly Monday morning. PAX miss Michelle, and hope that he will be back posting with us soon.