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Track day?

9 pax made it to Stumble “track” day for a little speed work. Yassos would have to wait until we tried a new twist on an old favorite-the Indian run.  We split the group in two and found our way to the baseball field. Two lines started a slow jog while the last runner ran the entire perimeter of the field.  The group stayed slow but the sprint was close to .25 miles at a time.  One sprint each was enough. We moved from the diamond to the court and went straight into suicides.  Two men ran suicides while others rotated through squats and flutter kicks. Two rounds of sprints each. For the final 15 minutes to the circus we went for Yassos.  Fast pace for .38 miles and recover for half a lap.  Good work by all men today.  Prayers for Belding while he travels to Texas for training. Welcome FNG Co-pay.

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