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#Swampfox: Smothered, covered and chunked by Sheets

28 faithful arrived in the foggy gloom for Sheets’ maiden voyage through Qdom and he brought a tough workout with new twist that worked in conjunction with the 100% humidity to leave the pax dripping.

Conditions: 73 with 100% humidity #notatypo

The Thang:

Warm up run:
Down Clemson, left on Chicora, left on Furman, Left on Coker, Down into the football field

SSH x 25
Markins x 15 4ct
Flutter Kick x 20 4 ct
Merkins x 15 4 ct
Flutter Kick x 20 4 ct

Pair up at Goal Line for Circuit:
Fireman’s Carry for 25 yards
In and Outs x 10
Fireman’s Carry back to Goal Line
Mountain Climber x 20
Up Hamburger Hill and back down
Rinse and Repeat for total of 5 times through the circuit
As groups finish run 110 yards to far end of the field and grab one of four SKEDCOs loaded with 3×30 pound cinder blocks –
Partners drag it 75 yards down and back to the goal line

Plank while waiting for a SKEDCO, and Plank upon completion

Merkins x 15 (Single Count Pause at Bottom)
Russian Twists x 20

Mosey to bottom of #HamburgerHill
Sprint to top of #HamburgerHill
5 Burpees at the bottom
Rinse and repeat for total of 3xUp

Merkins x 10 (Single Count Pause at Bottom)
Russian Twists x 15

Walter Paytons in groups of 4 x 6

Mosey to other end of field to breakdown SKEDCOs and put up blocks

30 x flutter kicks (called by Chaser)
Mosey up to COT
Ball of Man led by Sheets

– Excellent first Q by Sheets. Great flow to the workout and we were moving 99% of the time. Great job and we appreciate your effort. T-Claps.

– This needs to be said: An F3 workout is not over until the COT (Circle of Trust) and Ball of Man. This is according to the F3 “Core Principles” (http://f3nation.com/about-us/) and was a point of emphasis when Dredd, CrotchRocket and Sleuth were here a few weeks ago. COT is where we bond, fellowship and thank our Q for his preparation, effort and execution he brought to the workout and Ball of Man is our only time for the Faith component. In short, COT and BOM is important for alot of reasons. We began SwampFox only a few months ago. Before that, at the original Dreher workout, we would occasionally have a guy that had to leave early to make a conference call or hit the road early but it was rare. We all have that happen on occasion, no big deal. In recent weeks though at SwampFox we have a growing trend of guys peeling out of the parking lot before COT. At first it was one or two…this morning it was 10. That hurts the flow of the COT for the guys who remain, makes it hard to keep accountability with guys leaving everywhere, and keeps guys from thanking the day’s Q for his efforts and thanking God for giving us the health and ability to be out there. Point is, if a guy leaves early he’s missing out on 2 of the 3 Fs and really is only getting a workout. F3 is more than just a workout which is why we keep coming back. I’d personally ask that unless you absolutely have to leave and absolutely can not spare another 5-10 minutes then please stay. For my part I promise to speed up the COT and Ball of Man to get you out as early as possible (no later than 6:40). Let’s see if we can do better at this as a group. Chaser


-We had 6 for Lizard’s Thicket lunch yesterday at noon for our standing F3 lunch. Good fellowship, good food.

-We had 11 for our first official #HDHH (Hump Day Happy Hour) at Hunter Gatherer. A merry time was had by all. Look for a new spot announced for next Wednesday.

-AmFibious 5k is 9/2. We’re expecting a big crowd (as in potentially over 100). If you still want to participate just let Fountainhead know. ([email protected])

-NEW WORKOUT: Starting next Tuesday there will be a new Tues/Thurs bootcamp at Hand Middle School in Shandon 5:45-6. The name has not yet been 100% decided but Sub Prime is going to be the area Q. Contact him if you’re interested in Qing over there. We need guys to go to that workout to thin out numbers at #Brickpile and #Swampfox (primarily at #Brickpile). We encourage you to consider heading over there to be a part of something new and feel free to bounce between workouts.

-Governor’s Cup is 11/9. Commit now and work with Amble to get trained up. Plenty of time. Sign up with our discount code after 9/1.
We’re going to start listing the current commits:
Bubbles(as of today)

Who else? Commit and get your name on this list. We need 10 to get a discount. Looking for a big F3 presence at the race.

0 thoughts on “#Swampfox: Smothered, covered and chunked by Sheets”

  1. Great Moleskin comment on 2nd and 3rd F’s. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The workouts are solid, there is no question about that. But the fellowship and faith that follow are what make this movement special. Be part of that movement. You won’t regret it.

  2. Aye. Strange thing about the COT. It was invented by #Metro’s @MMOB during a 12m run about a month after we planted the original 1/1/11 #SF. He said we should sit in a circle and say our names and ages so that everybody got to know each other. @OBT hated the idea as too #Kumbaya but I thought it would help me keep track of who had posted for the #BackBlast, even though I kind of agreed with @OBT about the touchy/feely thing. Before the COT we would kind of just say a prayer and skedaddle, but right from the start the COT was an obvious and great addition to the workout. After about three of them, @OBT did a 180 and started upbraiding Qs for not doing the COT properly and I started claiming that the COT had been my idea from the start (until @MMOB started threating to put “Vote Peacock” signs all over my front yard).

  3. Well said, Chaser. The COT and BOM are important elements of F3. And when it comes down to it, I think all of us can spare 5 minutes.

    If not, just get up earlier and shave before the workout. That way you won’t have to when you go home and will make up for the extra couple of minutes. Problem solved!

  4. A lot of new equipment this week. Batons on Monday, Water Jugs Tuesday, SKEDCOs Thursday…..By December, we will be zip lining from Hamburger Hill through rings of fire. I like where this is going.

  5. Chaser, we’ve never met but you are dead on Brother. And #TheDaddyRabbit himself, aka Dredd, did a great job of explaining why the COT has become as important to F3 as the workouts themselves. Thanks for steeping up to say what you did.

    BTW, what day and which Thicket do you guys meet at for lunch? Maybe I will be grab a couple of my CLT South brothers and we will come down and break a piece of cornbread together.

  6. Skywalker, thanks for the comments. Part of the issue I think is that with the new-ish SwampFox workout a lot of our new guys haven’t yet developed an appreciation for the full F3. That’s a leadership failing and that’s on me as the Area Q. I’m going to step up efforts to explain and show why we do what we do. Just a little prodding was needed I thought.

    As for the Thicket we have a standing lunch on Wednesdays at noon but you never know how many will show. In the last few weeks we’ve had anywhere from 3 to 10. What you really should do is grab a few guys and come down for a Saturday convergence workout and stay for breakfast. That would give you the full F3 Columbia and Thicket 2ndF experience. #April SubPrime and I have the Q tomorrow at the convergence. Short notice I know but you should come down. You’d be back in the Queen City before noon.

  7. i think you should come down for the #HDHH…i can’t promise you’d make it back to the queen city by noon, but i’m pretty sure you could experience at least 2f’s #Columbiastyle!

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